2016 Legislative Session Day 29 — Happy Leap Year!

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”  – Romans 12:12

Please join our FHA Action Team in praying for the following two important matters –


This Bill ensures reasonable accommodations for transgender students in SD Public Schools while also protecting the privacy rights of other students when it comes to their use of bathrooms or locker rooms. HB1008 passed the House and Senate and is currently sitting on the Governor’s Desk with a deadline of Tuesday, March 1, on his decision to sign it into law or not.  It is a South Dakota commonsense bill that protects the rights and interests of all SD public school students.  Instead of a winner-take-all approach favored by the left, this bill helps create a win-win outcome for everyone.  We pray and trust the Governor respectfully signs it into SD law.


Del Tackett, the founder of the Truth Project – a comprehensive Biblical worldview project that the FHA has promoted over the years, has issued a call to prayer tomorrow, March 1, – Super Tuesday. Take time now to read his exhortation to be on our knees in repentance for our nation.

Reinhold Family at the CapitolToday it was a blessing to run into the Larry and Robin Reinhold Family at the Capitol.  This family has been, over the years, a huge blessing to hundreds of young folks who have enjoyed their Rainbow Bible Ranch experience.


HB1107,  An Act to ensure government nondiscrimination in matters of religious beliefs and moral convictions, was tabled by the sponsor, Rep. Scott Craig (R-Dist. 33).  Rep. Craig stated before the Senate Judiciary Committee, “In discussing House Bill 1107 with various individuals and interested parties, we’ve heard various concerns expressed, and before we move forward, we want to address those concerns and ensure that everyone understands the intent of this legislation and what we’re trying to accomplish.  We look forward to ongoing dialogue about this legislation in the coming months.  It is respectfully requested that this committee table HB1107.”  So HB1107 may be done for this Legislative Session but stay tuned as it’s coming back next year stronger and better understood!!!

Here’s a few of the Bill’s were actively following at the moment.   Please go to our legislative radar and TAKE ACTION on each of them!

The Sale of Alcohol on SD College Campuses

SB102,  An Act to allow certain alcoholic beverage licenses and special event alcoholic beverage licenses to be issued on certain lands and facilities located on state educational institution campuses, passed in the House Commerce and Energy Committee, Monday, February 29.  Click here to check the votes.  SB102 would allow beer and wine sales at the state’s public universities for special events including sports events.  Now we must defeat it on the House Floor as early as Tuesday, March 1.  We believe allowing the sale of alcohol beverages at college events would be irresponsible.  Rather, efforts should be made to reduce the availability of alcohol on our college campuses.

Informed Consent Bill – Chemical Abortion

HB1157, An Act to require that a doctor provide a woman additional information as a part of informed consent prior to performing an abortion. HB1157, an informed consent bill, involves the two-drug abortion regiment commonly referred to as RU-486.  The bill requires that the abortion-minded woman be told that if she should change her mind after taking the first drug, Mifepristone, it is still possible to save her baby’s life by not taking the second drug, Misoprostol.  RU-486, a chemical abortion, is different from a surgical abortion in that the mother is self-aborting, which may cause some anguish and cause her to change her mind about continuing with the chemical abortion.  Informed consent provides the mother with better decision-making options.  HB1157 passed in the Senate Health Committee this morning with a vote of 4-2. Check the votes here.  It should be voted on the Senate Floor Tuesday or Wednesday.

Scholarship/Non-Public Schools

SB159, An Act to provide a tax credit to insurance companies that contribute to an organization providing educational scholarships to certain students, passed in the Senate with a vote of 24-11.  Check the votes here.  Click here to learn more about this concept.  SB159 will now be heard in the House Appropriations Committee this Wednesday.

Until NEXT TIME please keep looking up and forward my friends!

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