And Then There Were Three

A few weeks ago, Ed Randazzo published an article discussing a billboard that we spotted in Rapid City. Now, there are three such billboards that we have spotted. (See updates at bottom of page). We know they are sponsored by a foundation in Colorado, but what message are they spreading? What are they calling for? If you visit the website noted on the billboard and navigate to the South Dakota page, you will see the assertion that South Dakota is legally discriminating against members of the LGBT community. They give links to “fact-finding” pages, as well as the personal story of Crystal and Amanda. The article claims that Crystal was fired by an anti-LGBT boss, which caused great financial hardship. It never says that Crystal and Amanda are from South Dakota, but it makes the claim that a similar situation could easily arise here and that we need legal protections to prevent it. This request sounds quite reasonable and compassionate at first glance. Should someone be fired, or denied housing, or denied healthcare because of who they choose to be in a relationship with? Or because they identify as a gender other than their birth sex? The reaction of most people would be “No, that sounds really mean! We should protect against that.” And you’re right, we shouldn’t be mean. However, the solution they offer is to add Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) to the list of legally protected classes (race, sex, religion, etc.) and here is the problem…

SOGI ordinances and laws that are presented as protective shields, often become swords used against those of a Biblical worldview. The most prominent example is that of Jack Phillips (click here to watch his story). Jack was simply living out his faith in his business, when someone used SOGI protections against him. The same is true for Baronnelle Stutzman in Washington. And Blaine Adamson in Colorado. And the list goes on…

UPDATE: They are going after Jack AGAIN

Although we believe that we as Christians should show love towards those in the LGBT community and would never advocate for anyone to target them, placing sexual orientation and gender identity in the protected class list is not the right step. What is presented as a shield, will someday be used as a sword.

So what’s next? It’s yet to be seen. The BeyondIDo website doesn’t say what specific policy changes they will seek, nor does it tell us if they will be seeking state or local changes. But we do know this: once the proposals surface, we will need your help to spread the message of truth about these dangerous changes. Stay tuned, and let us know if you see a similar billboard in your community!

UPDATE: There are currently 5 Billboards in Rapid City, 1 in Sturgis, & 1 in Ft. Pierre

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  1. Municipal SOGI ordinances HAVE been and ARE BEING used as swords. In many of the cases,the one filing the violation were long time customers of the defendant. These are maliciously generated test cases. We in South Dakota need to remember our state motto; “Under God, The People Rule”.

    Under God, everybody is entitled to live the life they choose. Further, Christians are responsible for helping people to choose living this life and eternal life with God. It is THIS matter of choice which is the crux of these suits. To tell Christians “keep God out of the discussion.”

  2. I have woken up to that same message on our local station, The Mix 93.7FM radio, at about 6:45am both times several weeks apart and thought I had misheard the ad. Most of that station’s advertising is for local business and local happenings and not ‘public service announcements’ such as the one from Beyond I Do. It is a subtle and long-term ploy of the LGBT activists (i.e. if you hear something repeated enough times, you will begin to believe it) to change public opinion. The ads may be on other local radio stations so listen carefully and let the advertising director know that you too will be changing listening preferences.

  3. Thanks for the education Norman. It is needed and glad you are doing it. God bless.

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