FHA Action Team Attend Governor’s Budget Address

On Tuesday, December 2, FHA Executive Director Dale Bartscher, accompanied by FHA Staff Norman Woods and FHA Board Member and Representative Scott Craig, made their way to Pierre for the SD Governor’s Budget Address. It was also a wonderful opportunity for FHA Lobbyists Bartscher and Woods to interact with the many returning and new SD Legislators like Representative ‘Elect’ Jeff Partridge of Rapid City pictured here with Dale.db_xamas_capitol

As you’ll quickly notice, by the attached photos, it is also “Christmas At The Capitol”. Dozens and dozens of trees grace the hall ways of our State Capitol and each with a story to tell. If you haven’t see this amazing scene then why not take a trip to Pierre in the next three weeks and visit YOUR HOUSE — the SD State Capitol.

The House Gallery was PACKED as people from across the state gathered to hear the Governor’s thoughts on his proposed budget which must now be considered for a vote by the SD State Legislature. FHA Action was in attendance because this proposed state budget is a ‘Family Value’ effecting every South Dakotan in either a positive or negative way. The Governor made it clear that, compared to the rest of the Country, South Dakota is in a very good financial condition. He very methodically walked through the projected income and expenses we may well see in the coming year. When all was said and done (after an hour and 20 minute address) he shared, “This is A plan and not THE plan but I hope you will find this to be the BEST plan!” Well, we’ll see come January 13 when the 2015 SD State Legislature gavels into session.

Remember: Stay tuned to FHAaction.org during the 2015 Legislative Session as we review those bills and/or resolutions — the good, the bad and the ugly. This is your source of legislative information from January 13 to March 30, 2015.

FHA ACTION’s E.D. Speaks at a ‘Western Cast Iron Dinner’

custercountyYes, it was a fantastic day in the Southern Hills on Saturday, October 4! The FHA was very thankful for the Custer County Republicans for hosting a Western Cast Iron Dinner in Hermosa. FHA ACTION’s Executive Director Dale Bartscher was asked to open the event in prayer and then later, during the program, shared, with those Patriots gathered, the FHA Story. The events Keynote Speaker was Governor Mike Rounds whom the FHA ACTION has enthusiastically endorsed as South Dakota’s next US Senator.

Ice Cream and Mayor Kooiker Draw Supporters

icecreamsocialWe can’t thank the FHA Advisory Council enough for the hard work they put into the August 17 Ice Cream Social. The work of FHA Action is so vital, but because the donations to this work (since it is a 501c4 organization) are not tax deductible, it is often difficult to find folks who are willing to donate. The event was planned to benefit FHA Action, and we were honored to have the Mayor of Rapid City as our keynote speaker for the evening. The evening was a perfect one, and Mayor Sam Kooiker, who’s wit, humor, and faith in God are always on display, was in top form. In a humorous, and often touching way, he shared the story of his life and faith. We even had in attendance, some folks who are new to the work of FHA and FHA Action. By all accounts, the evening was a huge success. So, officially, from all of us at FHA Action, thank you to the Advisory Council and Mayor Kooiker for all you did Sunday evening to advance the cause of FHA Action.

April 26 Walk Run

walkrunA huge FHA Action “THANKS!” goes out to Amy Wagner and the SD National Day of Prayer for sponsoring a benefit “Walk / Run” for us on April 26. Forty folks showed up on a sunny morning at Rapid City’s Memorial Park. A strong contingent of “LifeRunners” was there to support us by participating in the event. Thanks to all who came out. $1000 was raised