Sioux Falls Mayoral Candidate Survey

Recently LaVonne Fosness with FHA Action along with input from our constituents, sent six questions to the six candidates running for mayor of Sioux Falls. The questions covered topics ranging from their personal beliefs, the biggest issues they plan to address, drugs, crime, free speech, and more. Here are the answers we received from the candidates:

Note: Jim Entenman and Jolene Loetscher gave no response.

Note: Of the four candidates that responded, the order they are listed was chosen at random.

1. Are you a person of faith? If so, how do you see your faith affecting your decision making and leadership of Sioux Falls?

Paul TenHaken: Throughout my personal and professional career, my faith has been the primary driver in my decision making. In fact, my faith and feeling called to serve is the primary reason why I am running to be the mayor of Sioux Falls.





Mike Gunn: I am a person of faith however, I do not push my faith onto anyone else that may have different beliefs. My faith controls all aspects of my life in general and by that I mean; I treat others as how I would want to be treated. I believe that every individual deserves respect and compassion. I also believe that our Constitution was written by Men of Faith and God was an important part of its making. Therefore, I will not allow any part of my leadership to harm the Freedom guaranteed by the Constitution. Nor will any decisions be made without complete well informed knowledge to those whom I serve. I believe that our Government today has forgotten the simple idea of what serving means? We are not your parents rather, we are your servants and should be compelled by the needs of those we serve which includes all classes of Citizens in an equal and fair manner for all.

Greg Jamison: I’m a person of deep personal faith.  As a Christian, we are called to a walk with Christ.  Of course, our faith is a personal decision.  Not all people are born into a Christian home or have heard the Good News.  That means, people won’t always have the same view as me regarding their personal spirituality.

I have always thought being a witness was a part of Christian life.  I’ve chosen to live my life in a way people will know I’m committed to serving God by serving others.  Being a living example of my faith is the best way I can let the Holy Spirit work through me.

My work as our new Mayor will be guided by the strong moral and spiritual foundation my parents taught me and my eight brothers and sisters.  I will not be influenced by those with hidden agendas or ulterior motives.

Kenny Anderson: I am a person of faith and when troubled with a decision I have found that my faith and common sense will assist me in making the right decisions for my community and its citizens.







2. Candidates for office normally decide to run for office because they are dissatisfied with an issue or issues or they have a desire to promote a specific issue. What issue(s) caused you to run for Mayor of Sioux Falls?

Paul TenHaken: I have a desire to serve the people of Sioux Falls. It’s a calling that for the past several years, I tried to ignore and ultimately decided it was something I needed to pursue. Of all the issues facing our city right now, I see the need for a leader who can unite the community and city leadership again.

Mike Gunn: Our City Government would rather penalize hard working Citizens than enforce those who intentionally commit serious crimes. I see a need to deregulate ordinances or codes now on the books to restrict hard working citizens from any ability to live free. This stems from control of your own property to if you can work where you live, to what you can say at city events. Peoples voices are silenced and heard today and that is in complete reverse of how things were meant to be. The City today speaks as if they are a separate entity from the Taxpayer. Too me that is not only wrong but it is against every Citizens rights. The truth is that the City or any other Government entity is a caretaker for what we the people all own. In reality the Government owns nothing. “We the People” do.

Greg Jamison: I’m running to be our new Mayor because I believe in serving others.  And I’m the most qualified person to lead Sioux Falls into the future.  As an eight-year City Councilman, and District 12 State Representative, it has been my honor to help people resolve problems and serve them.  Anyone can dream of being a Mayor, but knowing how to run a city, fix the streets, protect our families and grow our economy is much different than one would expect.  I know how to keep government small and make it work for taxpayers like you.

As for issues, I’m not a special interest candidate and do not run on a personal issues agenda.  I run because I’m the most qualified person to lead Sioux Falls.  The issues I’ll promote are fixing our streets, protecting our families and brining new and better jobs to Sioux Falls plus carefully spending taxpayer dollars.

Kenny Anderson: To give back to a community that has given so much to my family. My grandparents moved to Sioux Falls in 1928 and raised 8 children here. My father and mother raised myself and my 4 sister’s here. All of my family were educated in public schools and attended Washington High School. My father was a city commissar from 1987-1990. After being reelected in 1990 he passed during a commission meeting from a stroke. Later the city named a park and the 1st city community center after him.


3. Drugs and crime tear apart families. What specific steps would you take to reduce drugs and crime in Sioux Falls?

Paul TenHaken: Currently, I am the only candidate to have written and published a plan for the next eight years of our city and the issues I think will be most important to the health of Sioux Falls. This plan can be found at  In this plan, you will notice that battling crime and narcotics growth is initiative #1, and it is there for a reason. I have seen the trickle down impact of our narcotics problem on our crime rate, growth in poverty, the impact on kids, the strain on our workforce, and more.  In my plan, I specifically mention the following:

  • Increased training resources for officers, which are currently underfunded
  • Additional drug and fugitive task force agents to collaborate with the county and state
  • Recommitting prevention education dollars to our schools which have been dropped
  • Examining opportunities for stronger treatment options to end cyclical addiction
  • Working closely with our state and federal delegation to get more DEA agents for South Dakota (currently SD is under-resourced with only two DEA agents).

Obviously these are just a start to what I hope to implement, but these items do have the potential to have significant impact for both the short and long-term issues we are facing with crime and narcotics growth.

Mike Gunn: More laws will not stop something that is actually not wanted to stop. I say this on the fact we have been fighting the very problem all over the United States for years and to date how much has been reduced? In many ways it is a lost concept but is very crucial today on why drugs and crime are so normal. So many factors are connected that create the same outcome. If one thinks on how most of us deal with despair, boredom, pain, loss, fear, depression etc. It would blow the mind. While our Government on all levels says it cares, this is not obvious to most Citizens. They have little to no willingness to help those trying to better themselves however, they will penalize them for trying. This is called you make too much for the assistance rule. Now I ask where does the despair, depression or other reasons for drugs or crime grow from? You may consider me cruel and unsympathetic yet, I believe that Citizens should get a “hand-up” not a “handout”. So in many ways by actually being there for those struggling a Mayor and Council can give hope and a chance at something better by actually helping those trying. To have the ability to dream the dream and see a chance at real freedom and self sufficiency that most want. Families are not torn apart just because of drugs/crime; moreover financial burden is the most invasive and creates the want for escape. That can mean divorce, drugs, alcohol or crime etc. That would be a good start. Now in becoming more involved in helping those trying by a hand-up approach I would also hope that those getting the help would also get involved as well. For instance: Cats are the Citizens and Rats are the crime. One cat can cover a lot of ground to fight off crime if allowed, but if restrained it is ineffective. One cat can detour crime for a time but needs more cats involved to effectively counter crime. Since crime cannot exist unless it is undetected. Bear with me! Today most families are too busy trying to survive to worry about what is going on around them and with good reason. They feel they do not matter and no one cares! So it is work home and a few errands at most. But they in most cases today have no idea who their neighbor is or even their names. They have no idea what is going on in their own backyard. So by most of what I have projected above with the ability to dream and achieve a better life they hopefully will want to get involved just to protect that they are striving for.

Last but not least; we need to encourage a family unit to stay unified, today government promotes divorce and even welcomes it on a daily basis. As Mayor with the Council I believe that we can allow the ability for a Married couple to work threw the normal differences that we all share by offering not only cost effective counseling but the freedom again that they were promised. Crime in many instances brings one aspect that is a common denominator and that is money. That can be spent on all sorts of things from bills to drugs. Not to say rape is not an issue, however, I believe that can be from a sense of no freedom or hope as well. To feel powerless some may see rape as being in power over something and in-turn use that as a copping mechanism? I could go on but I hope you get the gist of my platform on this question?

Greg Jamison: When I ran for Mayor four years ago, I campaigned on crime stating it was the most important issue we faced as a city, but very few people listened.  Since then, the numbers have steadily increased year until this past year.  In August, I started out my campaign talking about two things: roads and crime.  And, I’m still talking about them today.  In fact, I’m the only candidate in the race who’s said crime was one of the top two issues since the campaign started.

National crime studies say if we don’t get crime under control before our population grows to over 200,000 we’ll struggle to ever catch up.  If we don’t act now, Sioux Falls will change forever.  Now is the time to address crime and stop pretending crime is not a problem.

Sioux Falls has become a hideout for criminals from larger cities like Chicago and Detroit.  These criminals are Meth and Heroin dealers in the middle of a price war looking to gain users.  They set up shop in our own neighborhoods here in Sioux Falls while they’re on the run.  The result is cheap drugs and lots of addicted people who commit crimes to fuel their addictions.

Meth and Heroin are at the core of the violent crimes on the rise here in Sioux Falls.

During my first 100 days in office, I’ll lead the fight against Meth and Heroin on three specific fronts: Prevention, Treatment and Enforcement.

Prevention: I’ve already met with the Sioux Falls School District Assistant Superintendent looking for ways to improve Drug Prevention education.  It’s with their recommendation I’ll restore resources to re-implement the I-CAN program.  The I-CAN program is designed to help students lead productive successful lives.  I-CAN was taught in the Sioux Falls’ fifth grades several years ago by the School Resource Officers.  The program’s focus was on healthy decisions regarding drugs, alcohol and peer pressure.  Students received an hour of instruction each week for six weeks.  The “I-CAN” program name was a statement to empower students; I can….resist drugs, I can…resist alcohol, I can…resist peer pressure.

Treatment: I’ll work to bring the Sioux Falls Social Services providers and State Agencies together and find additional ways to increase funding for drug addiction treatment.  My administration will collaborate with national foundations and acquire grants to combat addiction on the personal level.

Enforcement: I’ll put new patrol officers on the streets and create a new special crimes unit to capture the top 10 most wanted felons.  I’ll get tough on drug dealers – sending them back to where they came from or to jail for a long, long time.  I will reduce crime, save our community money, protecting our family values.  I’ll support the incredible men and women of the Sioux Falls Police Department and together we’ll face the growing crime problem head on.  And since I know how to get work done in Pierre, I’ll work with the Governor and legislature, along with state and county officials, to solve our unique crime problems before they ruin the great city of Sioux Falls.

No candidate is more committed, or more qualified, to making Sioux Falls a safer city than me.

Kenny Anderson: I have been on a citizens committee working on crime issues in our area. I feel the need to reduce and eliminate the demand for the drugs in our area will also reduce the crime happening in our city and the surrounding areas. By using treatment and educating the young of the downfalls we can reduce the demand. More interaction by our resource and law enforcement with neighborhoods and our young people to build relationships and better the communications with our citizens to let they know we care.


4. There’s an attack on free speech in this country with buzz phrases such as hate speech, free speech zones. What will you do to ensure that open civilized dialogue is championed in Sioux Falls?

Paul TenHaken: Increasingly, we tend to submit to the vocal minority in free speech settings versus allowing all side to openly discuss all angles of an issue. As stated in the question, the civility of these discussions is the lost art we need to regain. My administration will not discriminate among ANY group that wishes to make the positions known in a productive and civilized fashion and will ensure that political correctness does not override our free speech liberties.

Mike Gunn: Again by utilizing the Constitution, The Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. I would mandate that every individual has a right to speak his/her feelings without fear of retribution. To be well informed is to hear both sides equally. During any debate that I am in charge of Citizens will be knowledge d as Americans only. There will be no sub categories or such things as German-American. Just American. There will no force of belief by others nor influence beyond ones own opinion. Each Citizen has a right to choose their own choice. And not fear because of it. The whole City will be free speech and that would extend to those that work for the City as well. Open Government is just that open to every Citizen and It will be so If I am elected.

Greg Jamison: I strongly believe in the First Amendment and I don’t believe in limiting speech.  I believe in bringing people together to learn from each other and build consensus about what we can agree on.

My collaborative leadership style brings people together to achieve a common purpose, tempered by the ability to understand different viewpoints.  I’ll work with the Chamber ensuring City Hall is responsive to our business community as we grow our economy creating new and better jobs.

I organized an Economic Forum in 2009 with business leaders, elected officials and citizens to discuss how we could thrive, as the nation faced the onset of the Great Recession.  As City Councilman, I organized the first meeting of elected officials from metro counties to discuss better metro area collaboration.  And another example is when I brought stakeholders together to organize the Transit Task Force developing a long-term public transit system.  The best predictor of the future is the past and I have a proven track record of bringing people together to communicate and find solutions.

I’ll work closer than any Mayor in Sioux Falls’ history with our amazing faith community.  My administration will keep open lines of communication with our faith leaders and non-profit organizations whose cause is to make Sioux Falls a better place to call home.

Lastly, I’ll keep a good sense of humor, remembering we can disagree without being disagreeable…because we’re in this together.

Kenny Anderson:As a military veteran I strongly believe that free speech is a core base of our country. But some have used it to promote divineness and fear in our communities. I will be a strong voice and stand against those who use this right in a negative manner.


5. Do you believe the government in Sioux Falls and transparency problem? In brief, what would you be your plan to address it? (Freedom)

Paul TenHaken: As previously mentioned, I am the only mayoral candidate to have the vision and leadership to release a 2026 plan for the next eight years of our city. The act of releasing that plan in and of itself shows my commitment to transparency in government. This plan can be found at I would ensure the open communication is re-implemented in City Hall through open office hours with the mayor, stronger communication with our city council, the releasing of information that we typically have kept secret (as long as the integrity of any proposal and/or decision is not compromised by doing so), and using digital and social media much more effectively to open up communication and decision making to citizens.

Mike Gunn: Change the whole platform of how our City addresses Citizens voices today. Ordinances will be compiled short but to the point to insure that Citizens will always be the ones heard and respected no matter their position. Or their place of employment, as stated earlier even those that work for the City. A Mayor should be criticized as well as questioned when the reason for such arises. He/She can not be soft of heart, mind or sole when it comes to any part, good or bad.

Greg Jamison: I’m not going criticize the current or past administrations.  However, as a citizen, I’ve felt like there have been times we haven’t gotten the full story.

The Jamison administration will be an open door with an open mind.  I will not tolerate side deals, secrecy or people who are involved to hurt others.  Good government is an open government.  We are, after all, a government of, by and for the people.  I’ll be our new Mayor that is of, by and for the people, governing under our State motto, “Under God, the People Rule.”

Kenny Anderson: I will work from day 1 as Mayor to work with the City Council, Director’s, to notify, inform, people of how and why we are doing city business. The city is run as a business but is a service to its citizens.


6. As mayor how will you respond when city employees keep bibles on their desks in the city office and request to use city conference rooms to conduct Bible studies after working hours?

Paul TenHaken: I actually plan to do this myself. That statement should tell you all you need to know.

Mike Gunn: Not only bibles will be allowed but any form of religious belief as long as it does not create conflict with others in the work place. Meaning during working hours and hinders others working. As far as use of Public property> as long as it is cared for in a proper manner and left as it was received. Than any Citizen should have the ability to use such area’s. Scheduling would be the only issue that I would foresee. As in the question of freedom of speech, no other entity shall create havoc or disrupt the peaceful practice of others. All that the City has is Public (taxpayer) owned.

Greg Jamison: I will not respond at all if there’s a Bible on someone desk.  There is a Bible on my desk today and there will be when I’m the new Mayor of Sioux Falls.

If a Bible study group requests to use a city conference room, they will be allowed to use it.

Kenny Anderson: I will allow employees to keep religious material in their desk and they are allowed to read on their own time. After hours use of the cities conference rooms or any other rooms in the building are decided on a case by case basis.

TeenPact Leadership Week

With 48 energetic and informed students the 2018 South Dakota Teen Pact took to the state capital for a week of activities. These included a mock legislature with bills written, presented and argued by the Teens according to Capitol protocol, prayer walks in the Capitol, key issue debates, praise and worship, quizzes, fun food, senator and governor elections, spiritual challenge, and a healthy dose of camaraderie.

The Teens heard from our own Attorney General Marty Jackley, Secretary of State Shantel Krebs, and FHA Lobbyist Norman Woods. If you could only hear the questions that our teens are asking of our elected officials, you would be amazed.

For the last eleven years, during our State legislative session, South Dakota Teen Pact has given teens the opportunity to learn the legislative process, personally meet our government officials, and build leadership skills. The growth that occurs during this concentrated program greatly impacts our teens in understanding and living out their civil stewardship as Christians in the United States.

Read more about TeenPact across the United States on the TeenPact Leadership Schools website.

Click here for the South Dakota TeenPact details

Click here for the SD TeenPact Facebook page

“Port Yankton” Asks For Gambling

The city of Yankton is looking to use the Legislative process to put on the ballot the ability for the proposed “Port Yankton” entertainment complex to have roulette, keno, craps, limited card games and slot machines. The legislation proposing this constitutional amendment is SJR9, which if passed by the Legislature would be placed on the 2018 ballot.

There are several reasons we believe the measure should be defeated, here are three of them:

  1. There are many secondary negative effects of gambling, and one doesn’t need to look very far to find someone who has been impacted by a gambling addiction. Increasing the availability of gambling increases the potential for addictions.
  2. The constitutional amendment allows for only one location to carry these forms of gambling. (the proposed “Port Yankton” entertainment complex) If we allow this one complex in one city to offer these games, will it not be a matter of time before more locations on more cities are asking as well?
  3. In 1987 the city of Deadwood approached the Legislature and asked for the issue to be put on the ballot. The Legislature told them to go back to the people of SD and get the signatures instead. Yankton should follow the same path as Deadwood was required to follow.


Click here to email your Senator!

We have provided a sample email, but please rewrite it and make it your own!

Ministry Leaders Capitol Summit – Another Successful Year

Here is what people said regarding the 2018 Ministry Leaders’ Capitol Summit in Pierre:

What was the most rewarding part of the Capitol Summit in Pierre?

“Ushering prayer into the capitol”

“Praying with the legislators”

“Dr. Kenyn Cureton was a wonderful speaker.”

“Meeting State Officials”

“Filling the capitol with praise to God as we sang three songs on the steps in the rotunda”

“Meeting with like-minded believers”

PASTORS, as an encouragement to you, here is what people said regarding their pastors not being able to come:

“… I want to know from my pastor, where our church stands on the issues…”

“As Christians, we may not “like” politics or government, but we cannot afford to not be involved, concerned & engaged.”

“…it is important for leaders who are Christians to gather in Pierre and let their legislators know how they should vote in light of morals and values.”

“Do not fear, come to Pierre!  You have influence! Come put [it] into action at the Capitol.”

“Your role is important in our country.”

“Need to be involved and concerned in what is happening legislatively in the State. Need to understand what your support means to the legislators.”

“Come fight for our State and country through the power of the Lord.”

On February 6th Pastors and Ministry Leaders from across the state converged on the Capitol for a day of education and encouragement.

The day began with a light breakfast in the Rotunda including a quick briefing on capitol protocol and a list of what was on the legislators’ agenda for the day. Teen Pact alumni gave a Capitol tour. Our guests were then able to connect with their legislators, to pray with them, and to see part of the legislative process. Before leaving the capitol the whole group met on the Rotunda steps for a picture with the governor and for singing in that great hall. What an amazing sound!


Community Bible Church provided lunch for our whole group as well as several legislators. Thank you again for your hospitality!


Dr. Kenyn Cureton from Family Research Council brought a great challenge to the legislators focusing on the godly legacy of Ronald Reagan (his birthday was February 6th) and his implementation of godly morals in every area of government. Dr. Kenyn also encouraged the Ministry Leaders to live out “I am a Soldier of the Cross, Here I Stand!”


God is doing an incredible work in our State. He is giving the church the opportunity to impact our culture with His Love and Truth. We want to take every opportunity to shine as a city on a hill.

-Phil Shively

How Important Is Your Religious Freedom To You?

There are those who would like to strip us of that freedom – the very principle that America was founded upon.  If you follow the news at all, you are well aware of the erosion in the moral and spiritual condition of our nation. The evil one is working hard to destroy what is good and Godly; however, we can overcome the work of the enemy, but we must pray, be engaged, be diligent, be strategic and STAND UP for greater is He that is in us than he who is in the world. God is on our side; however, He does require us to put action to our faith.   Ephesians 4:11-16 says, “It was He who gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers, to prepare God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.  Then we will no longer be infants, tossed back and forth by the waves, and blown here and there by every wind of teaching and by the cunning and craftiness of men in their deceitful scheming. Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into Him who is the Head, that is, Christ.  From Him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.

One could preach an entire sermon on this passage, but what strikes me is first of all, God wants believers to have a spirit of unity.  No, this does not mean that we will all agree on matters of faith and life, but it does require that we love one another in Christ so that together we can walk in the power of the Spirit to show the world who Jesus is and allow our witness to draw others to him.  Secondly, we are certainly being tossed about by the cunning and craftiness of people in their deceitful scheming.  If we each walk out our faith and love and put it into action, we have the power to overcome the works of the enemy.  As scripture tells us, a cord of three is not easily broken.  You have probably heard it said before, that it is not the presence of darkness that’s the problem but it’s the absence of light!  We need your light to shine in our government.

Proverbs 11:14 states, “For lack of guidance a nation falls.”  Our lawmakers need spiritual and moral guidance and they need to hear from you.  Your presence, your prayers, and your voice at the State Capital is powerful.  Family Heritage Alliance feels so strongly about the influence you have as pastors, as ministry leaders and people of Christian faith from your community that for the past six years we have sponsored the Pierre Summit.  It’s for you.  We desire to come alongside you so that together we can be a state where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished.

Pastors, ministry leaders, and citizens, we know that you are extremely busy and you have numerous responsibilities, but as leaders, will you consider attending the Pierre Summit a priority this year?  I sense a measure of urgency that we, as the body of Christ, come together at our State Capital in the spirit of unity to kick off the legislative session for the glory of God.

Here’s what you can look forward to at the Summit.  At 9:00 AM, we will meet in the Rotunda of the State Capital for refreshments and instruction. You are then released to tour the Capitol, sit in on committees, or most importantly, we encourage you to find your representative and senator, voice your concerns and pray with your legislators.  Your presence and your voice are crucial to the decisions being made.  At 11:30, we will all gather on the steps of the Rotunda with the governor and many other state officials for a photograph followed by what I consider to be the most precious moment of the day joining together and singing, “God Bless America.”  Hearing that song, which is actually a prayer, resounds throughout the Capital. Followed by the singing, we proceed to Community Bible Church, which so graciously provides a delicious lunch for us and the legislators.  Kenyn Cureton from Family Research Council will be delivering an encouraging message, and then we will close with gifted resources for you so that you can depart by 2:30.

Click here to register. There is no cost to attend the event, but we do need your registration. A free will offering will be available to help us with the bus rental.  A 55- passenger bus with bathroom facilities is being provided for you. One will leave from Sioux Falls and another will leave from Rapid City for Pierre. Details regarding departure times and location can be found on our website.   We look forward to seeing you in Pierre.  Please contact us with any questions.

-LaVonne Fosness


What The Schumer Shutdown Is Really About

A commentary from Congressman Gary Palmer

Democrat senators made a choice last night. They chose between funding our military along with funding for healthcare insurance for America’s most vulnerable children or funding an unconstitutional program for people here illegally. They made a bad choice.

By opposing passage of a reasonable continuing resolution (CR) to extend funding for the United States government, the Senate Democrats led by Sen. Chuck Schumer further endangered the safety and security of the men and women who serve in the United States military forces.  The Schumer Shutdown increases the potential for serious injury and death for the men and women who risk their lives in their training, in their operation of aircraft, ships and land equipment that are outdated and lacking adequate maintenance and for those serving in combat operations.

The CR included six year funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), something Democrats traditionally support and that millions of low-income Americans depend on for their children’s health care. Literally, the Schumer Shutdown has tied opposition to funding our military and CHIP to an attempt to force amnesty for people who are in this country illegally. This is not only compromising our national security, it is compromising the health and safety of millions of American children and  potentially causing resentment among American citizens against those who are here illegally as a result of the Obama Administration’s unconstitutional action called the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

In general, I believe a majority of Republicans in the House and Senate are sympathetic to the plight of those who were brought into the United States illegally as children. My colleagues and I want to provide a remedy that resolves the legal issue and helps them get right with the law and have an opportunity to earn the right to stay. As the vocal and disruptive demonstrations on Capitol Hill by these DACA/Dreamer protesters visibly show, they are not just children, but young, in some cases older, adults who are being used, not for their best interests, but as political pawns of the Democrat Party.

By attaching their demand for full amnesty and citizenship in order to fully and adequately fund our military and CHIP, the Democrats in both the House and Senate have made hostages of our service men and women and children in low-income families. Literally, the Democrats are encouraging and supporting the disruptive demonstrations by illegal aliens at our nation’s Capitol while our soldiers and sailors go without the support they desperately need and potentially leaving millions of children without health insurance in the midst of the worst flu epidemic in America in years.  This is not only dangerous, it is shameful.

If it was not already apparent, by now it should be to every American that by refusing to pass the CR, Sen. Schumer and the Democrats are callously using the unconstitutional DACA program people in their quest for political power with a stunningly reckless disregard for our military and the well-being of American families and their children. And whether the DACA demonstrators realize it or not, the Schumer Shutdown could make matters worse by diminishing their cause and their future acceptance among millions of otherwise sympathetic American people.

Finally, as if it is not evident enough that what the Schumer Shutdown is really all about then consider this. The Democrats ensured that funding for our military, CHIP, and other government programs ended at the precise second that marked the first anniversary of Donald Trump taking office as President of the United States. There is a disturbing and obsessive inability of the Democrats in both the House and Senate to accept the will of the people who elected President Trump. It appears to me that the Schumer Shutdown is simply the latest attempt to bring down the Trump presidency and halt the amazing success President Trump has achieved in his first year. The Democrats have literally come to the point where they are not only compromising our military and the health and well-being of American children, they are compromising the cause of DACA recipients and their own legitimacy as well.”

-Rep. Gary Palmer (R-AL)


Culture Impact Teams – Time to Shine!

Culture Impact Teams make a difference any time of year, but right now is their time to shine. With the legislative session now in full swing, your church’s CIT can truly shed light on pertinent issues in Pierre. As your CIT networks with Family Heritage Alliance and with other CITs, we can understand the bills and resolutions coming this session and have a voice with our legislators and governor.

If your church already has a Culture Impact Team, please contact them and see how you can be involved. If your church does not yet have a CIT and you would like one or if your Team would like help with further direction for your CIT, Phil Shively is in Sioux Falls this week, January 15-19, to help you! He will also be scheduling trainings in Rapid City the week of January 29. He is available for anything from a 5 minute introduction to a 2 hour training to get your CIT rolling. Please contact Phil at 605-718-5433.

Let’s not miss this opportunity to let the true light shine before men so that God is honored in our State.