Boots on the Ground in Pierre

“Boots on the ground!”  — That’s a phrase that conjures up images of armed conflict and troop deployments to places most folks have a difficult time finding on a map.  However, FHA Action is “boots on the ground” right now in Pierre, protecting and promoting the values you cherish.  With two full-time lobbyists working the halls and chambers of the State Capitol, we are extremely valuable assets if you value Faith, Family, and Freedom.  Our Executive Director, Dale Bartscher, and our Youth and Young Adult Coordinator, Norman Woods have forged an effective lobbying team with a proven track record.  They will be joined this year, on occasion, by our Public Policy Analyst, Ed Randazzo, who is, in his own right, an experienced political tactician.  And, as if that were not enough, FHA Action has assembled an amazing team of legislative experts, organizers, and communications technology people.  We are night and day analyzing the legislation moving through our state system, and rallying support for the values about which you and we are passionate!

As the action heats up in Pierre, FHA Action is on the ground there working diligently to protect and promote faith, family, and freedom.  Please keep FHA Action in your prayers, and keep your eyes on as we keep you updated on the bills that impact your life and your values.  Please be prepared to, in a moment’s notice, contact your legislators.  We will help you on this front.  We just need you to stay tuned and ready to respond.

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