Ice Cream and Mayor Kooiker Draw Supporters

icecreamsocialWe can’t thank the FHA Advisory Council enough for the hard work they put into the August 17 Ice Cream Social. The work of FHA Action is so vital, but because the donations to this work (since it is a 501c4 organization) are not tax deductible, it is often difficult to find folks who are willing to donate. The event was planned to benefit FHA Action, and we were honored to have the Mayor of Rapid City as our keynote speaker for the evening. The evening was a perfect one, and Mayor Sam Kooiker, who’s wit, humor, and faith in God are always on display, was in top form. In a humorous, and often touching way, he shared the story of his life and faith. We even had in attendance, some folks who are new to the work of FHA and FHA Action. By all accounts, the evening was a huge success. So, officially, from all of us at FHA Action, thank you to the Advisory Council and Mayor Kooiker for all you did Sunday evening to advance the cause of FHA Action.

We Won’t Go Quietly on “Q”

gamblingIn the upcoming election, as you get your ballot in hand, you will find that the gaming industry would very much like for you to literally amend the South Dakota constitution to allow them to once again expand the reach of gambling. FHA Action isn’t going to be quiet on this one because it makes us a bit queasy. Below, find our prepared statement on the issue!

A “NO” vote on Amendment Q will slow the almost constant expansion of gambling in the state of South Dakota.

Currently, in the state of South Dakota, roulette, keno, and craps are not permitted, but limited card games and slot machines are permitted in Deadwood. Also, a sixty percent super majority vote by Deadwood city voters is required to approve a piece of legislation allowing a gambling facility. This proposed amendment to the constitution will change this, permitting the state legislature to authorize roulette, keno, and craps. Whereas in most cases, free market should be the primary regulator of business, in the case of an industry that generates so much addiction, societal ills, and even suicide, this should not be the case regarding the gambling industry. For instance, The National Council on Problem Gaming (NCPG) estimates that among South Dakotans, there are 18,000 adult gambling addictions which inflicts on the citizens of the state a whopping annual cost of almost $16 million. The NCPG also estimates that one in five problem gamblers will attempt suicide, putting this statistic at about twice the suicide rate of other addictions.

In addition to the proposed authorization to add roulette, keno, and craps, Amendment Q also proposes a potentially detrimental provision. The amendment would remove the mandatory super majority described above, which serves to provide the people of Deadwood with the power to impede the constant advance of gambling in their city.

Do your part to help slow the expansion of gambling in South Dakota. Vote “NO” on amendment Q.

Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

One year ago today, a bipartisan majority in the House passed historic pro-life legislation that would ban the abortion of unborn children developmentally capable of experiencing pain. The United States is one of just seven countries worldwide that permits elective abortion after 5 months, more than halfway through pregnancy (20 weeks post-fertilization).

Yet despite repeated calls from Senators to allow a vote in the Senate, Majority Leader Harry Reid has refused to allow this legislation to come to the floor. One of the reasons is there has not been a single Democrat cosponsor!

Recent polls show a majority of Americans favor the ban with some of the strongest support coming from women! Two-thirds, in fact, when asked by Quinnipiac pollsters if they backed the ban said they would support prohibiting abortion on children capable of feeling pain.

Advances in medical technology have made this reality clear. Lead sponsor of the bill, Sen. Graham points out, “We now know that an unborn child at the twentieth week of pregnancy can feel pain. In fact, anesthesia is administered directly to unborn children in second trimester fetal surgery.”

It’s been years since the Senate has been poised to respond to the pro-life majority like this and make a meaningful impact for the cause of the unborn, saving upwards of 15,000 babies a year.

David Christensen
Vice President for Government Affairs

April 26 Walk Run

walkrunA huge FHA Action “THANKS!” goes out to Amy Wagner and the SD National Day of Prayer for sponsoring a benefit “Walk / Run” for us on April 26. Forty folks showed up on a sunny morning at Rapid City’s Memorial Park. A strong contingent of “LifeRunners” was there to support us by participating in the event. Thanks to all who came out. $1000 was raised