Dale’s FHA Action Blog – Day 10

Catholic Legislators’ Prayer Group

Today began well at our SD State Capitol as I was invited to attend what is called – The Catholic Legislators’ Prayer Group. Most Tuesday mornings at the Capitol this group of Legislators, from both sides of the political isle, will meet for Christian fellowship, prayer and a devotional from a prayer book called “A Month’s Journey With the Merciful Jesus” by Allan F Wright. This morning’s session was led by Representative Leslie Heinemann.

Dale Bartscher & Ben Lee

I am always gratified when my friends come to the Capitol for various reasons during session. This past week I sat down with and had a great conversation with my friend Ben Lee. Ben is the State Director, of the South Dakota chapter of Americans for Prosperity headquartered in Sioux Falls.

I was also blessed to run into my friend Bill Walsh. I recognized Bill by the Cowboy Hat he was wearing – as he always wears this Cowboy Hat 🙂 Bill is a political junkie from Rapid City and although we might be on opposite sides of several issues we are still friends who will take the time to hear what one another has to say. Yes, he makes me smile 🙂

Dale Bartscher & Bill Walsh

Today I was gratified that SB55 passed out of the Senate Ed Committee. It is an academic freedom bill which protects a teacher’s ability to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of any scientific information located in their curriculum. Two amazing Resolutions passed on the Senate floor today as well. SCR2 which demonstrates support for our electoral college system; and SCR4 which identifies that pornography has become a national health crises. Finally, the House overwhelming passed HB1069 which in essence repeals Initiated Measure 22 which was slimly passed by the SD voters last November. The FHA Action totally endorses HB1069 in order to rid our state of this unconstitutional IM22.


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