Dale’s FHA Action Blog – Day 27

Well, we are down to our closing two and a half weeks in this Legislative Session. Today is what’s called ‘Cross Over Day’ which simply means that all the bills and resolutions which have started in one chamber must cross over to the other chamber to be discussed and voted on.

Hot on our front burner is Senate Bill 149.  This is an Act that would ensure that faith-based adoption agencies are free to continue placing children consistent with the agency’s convictions. Faith-based adoption agencies in SD are at risk of closing if the state or a state agency forces them to place children in homes that are inconsistent with their mission.  We were thrilled when yesterday the full Senate voted on this bill and passed it on a solid vote of 22 yeas and 12 nays.  Senator Solano of Rapid City, pictured here on the Senate Floor, introduced and carried this bill with a flare of excellence.  Now, please join us in contacting your Representative today and ask for their support of Senate Bill 149 and thus protect our faith-based adoption agencies.

It was a treat this week for Norman and I to invite to dinner, at our Pierre residence, several friends and co-laborers of the Family Heritage Alliance.  From left to right you will find:  Linda Schauer (CWA State Director), Cindy Flakoll (CWA volunteer lobbyist), Norman Woods (FHA Action Lobbyist), Mark Chase (NetCasters President), and Debbie Pease (SD Right to Life and Birth Matters Lobbyist).  A BIG shout-out of appreciation to my wife, Jan, for baking our main course for the evening – LASAGNA 🙂

It is always a thrill to see Pastors and Ministry Leaders come to the Capitol, the People’s House.  So it was great to welcome Pastor Dan Ebbens, of the Aurora Reformed Church, and Dan Hargreaves, past President of the SD Right to Life.

Please follow the work of the FHA Action by regularly going to www.FHAaction.org and click on ‘Legislative Radar’ to view those bills and/or resolutions we are tracking.

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