Dale’s FHA Action Blog – Day 32

Representative Haugaard on SB149

Today was a rewarding day for “Religious Liberty” in the People’s House of South Dakota! As I sat in the House Gallery I could feel the anticipation building for a BIG WIN as Representative Steve Haugaard, of Sioux Falls, stood to ask for a positive vote on SB149, the ‘Faith-Based Adoption Agency Protection Act’. In the end…43 Representatives said “Yes” to this monumental piece of legislation with 20 opposing and 7 excused.

Leave your religious beliefs at home.” You’ve heard it, I’ve heard it…..a lot. That doesn’t make it true or even desirable. Our forefathers came to the New World with theirs. Their religious beliefs and moral convictions were in the forefront of their minds as they forged the Declaration ofIndependence and the Constitution of the United States.

Much has changed since those moral visionaries signed those documents,but our Judeo-Christian heritage, our Biblically based religious beliefs andmoral convictions are unchangeable.

As of today 65 of 105 legislators have voted to pass Senate Bill 149 into law. Only the Senate’s Concurrence and the Governor’s signature remain to make it so. Respectfully – the Governor should sign it!

Chris Nelson at Catacomb Caucus

Why? Because SB149 stands firmly in support of the religious beliefs and moral convictions of privately owned non-profit adoption agencies. The law would ensure that the State of South Dakota may not coerce them to abandon their sincerely-held religious beliefs or moral convictions in their placement decisions and the ongoing need for placement of children in safe nurturing homes will be served. Let’s keep SB149 moving forward for the sake of our children and religious liberty!

This week’s Catacomb Caucus brought a familiar face to the front of the room as PUC Chris Nelson shared our morning’s devotional as we were once again led in song and closed in prayer. We also took the time to sign a “Thank You Card” to our Governor. It is a blessing to the 40 or so legislators, staff, lobbyists and guests, who meet each week for this spiritual time of encouragement and inspiration, to meet in the Governor’s large conference room. So collectively we say, “Thank You Governor!”

Please follow the work of the FHA Action by regularly going to www.FHAaction.org and click on ‘Legislative Radar’ to view those bills and/or resolutions we are tracking.

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