Election Information

Endorsements and Oppositions by FHA Action

Legislators who scored 100% in the 2018 Legislative Session

2018 Legislative Scorecard

2017 Legislative Scorecard

2016 Legislative Scorecard

2018 SD Right to Life Scorecard

2018 Ballot Measures Pros & Cons pamphlet from the Secretary of State



Noem Endorsement Announement




Ravnsborg Endorsement Announcement





Johnson Endorsement Announcement

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  1. I was wondering why there was no Voters Information on the Candidates running in South Dakota? What do we need to do to make this happen? Or do people feel they keep up to date without it?
    I don’t feel like that.

    • Hi Patty, are you referring to the Legislative races in each district? We were unable to publish a voter guide this year on those races. Looking at the scorecards from previous years will give you a good indication on many of the candidates, but we realize that isn’t as helpful as a full voter-guide.

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