FHA Action Endorses Dusty Johnson

South Dakota Family Heritage Alliance Action Endorses Dusty Johnson for U.S House of Representatives

Having served the people of South Dakota in in high visibility roles in government, we have come to know Dusty Johnson as an energetic defender of Faith, Family and Freedom issues. His faith has been a critically important part of who he is and his Christian beliefs have been obvious in his roles as citizen, leader, husband and father.

Dusty believes that traditional families are the bedrock of successful civilizations and that strong families lead to strong children and strong communities. The ever-growing federal government has too often sought to take the place of families and those efforts have further weakened families and our society.

His belief is that religious freedom is a core American value and that government shouldn’t be compelling bakeries or photographers or others to act in ways that violate their sincerely held religious beliefs.

As a strong defender of life from conception to natural death, he has earned the endorsement of South Dakota Right to Life. We will need his skills, expertise and strong work ethic in the coming battles in the pro-family pro-life arena.

FHA Action believes that Dusty Johnson deserves our support to represent all South Dakotans as our sole member in the United States House of Representatives.

Family Heritage Alliance Action endorses Dusty Johnson For U.S. House of Representatives.

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