FHA Action Endorses Jason Ravnsborg for AG

South Dakota Family Heritage Alliance Action Endorses Jason Ravnsborg for Attorney General of South Dakota

Having faithfully served the people of the entire nation in U.S. Army Reserves for over 22 years, including service in both Iraq and Afghanistan, Jason Ravnsborg has now committed himself to come home to South Dakota. He has been a prosecutor, a defense attorney and a civil litigator having handled a wide variety of cases in multiple jurisdictions and throughout our state.

As chief law enforcement officer for the state, he has committed to aggressively prevent and deter the use of illegal drugs, such as methamphetamine’s, while supporting rehabilitation efforts for the addicted that will give them the opportunity to become self-supporting productive members of society.

As a strong defender of life from conception to natural death, he has earned the endorsement of South Dakota Right to Life. We will need his skills and expertise in the coming battles in the pro-family pro-life arena.

The choice for us is clear, FHA Action believes that Jason Ravnsborg deserves our support to be South Dakota’s Attorney General.

Family Heritage Alliance Action endorses Jason Ravnsborg  for Attorney General of South Dakota

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  1. Mr. Ravnsborg, Should you be elected on Tuesday and due to demands of the Army or National Guard you are called to active duty and deployed, that will place an UNELECTED person in your position. I value my vote and do not want UNELECTED people in an office that I vote for. My question to you is, “should you be elected, will you submit your resignation from the Army?” I will share your response with a large network of West River political friends that I have. Thank you.

  2. Ken, I will likely RETIRE, not resign, as I have over 22 years of service and I am eligible to do so. God Bless, Jason

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