GOP Cites Pornography As A Public Health Crisis

enewsThe debate on the harms of pornography has officially hit the national political stage.  This week the Republican National Committee affirmed an amendment to its platform declaring pornography a public health crisis.  The full draft of the platform will be sent to the floor of the convention next week.  The Family Heritage Alliance commends this development, and asks the Democratic National Committee to take similar action.

This is a major victory.  It’s a bipartisan issue, rooted in peer-reviewed research that reveals pornography negatively affects the brain, sexual development, rates of sexual violence, and more.

Because pornography is so pervasive today, it has surpassed the ability individuals and families to protect themselves from its harmful influences.  This is why we need a public health approach that raises awareness about the harms of pornography, provides resources to those struggling with it, and offers effective prevention strategies.

FHA ACTION is exploring the very real possibility of submitting to the 2017 Legislative Session a state resolution declaring pornography a public health crisis.  A similar resolution has already passed in Utah and Tennessee and we sense it’s time for the SD Legislature to recognize the same.  Yes, Porn use leads to addiction, child sex abuse, sexual violence, marriage dissolution, spiritual destruction, sex trafficking, and on and on.  Stay Tuned!

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