HR1003 Denouncing New York

On February 27, the SD House of Representatives passed a resolution presented by Representative Hansen “Denouncing the recent passage of New York’s abortion law and requesting that the Governor declare a day of prayer and fasting to atone for the unspeakable crime of abortion.”

Click Here for the full text of HR1003

Click Here to see how each Representative voted

Click Here for the audio of Rep. Hansen presenting HR1003

Click Here for a video of the discussion and picture of the vote-count!

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  1. This makes me so proud to be a South Dakotan. God have mercy on us and the whole world.

  2. Janet van Houten

    Thank you for taking a stand on the NY abortion law.

  3. Thank you Jon and all who voted with you. Agree with Doug – proud to be a South Dakotan. May God have mercy on us and on the whole world. Praying for all from conception to natural death.

  4. Thank you for those representatives who recognize the absolute sin in the New York abortion law and stand against it. Thank you for acting on this unbelieveable legislation.We need to stand up for these horrible acts.

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