Governor Dennis Daugaard has signed into law SB149

It’s Official…Governor Dennis Daugaard has signed into law SB149 – The Faith-Based Adoption Agency Protection Act!! From our nation’s inception, religious organizations have provided invaluable social services that have lifted people out of poverty, helped them heal, restored their families, and equipped them to one day make their own contributions to society. They … Continue reading

Dale’s FHA Action Blog – Day 33

Last Sunday I had the wonderful opportunity of filling the pulpit at the two services for the Community Bible Church in Pierre.  Their Lead Pastor Harvey Friez, had to be out-of-town that morning, but he was gracious enough to allow me to put up our Family Heritage Alliance Display and then … Continue reading

SB149 Deserves To Be Passed & Signed

“Leave your religious beliefs at home.” You’ve heard it, I’ve heard it…..a lot. That doesn’t make it true or even desirable. Our forefathers came to the New World with theirs. Their religious beliefs and moral convictions were in the forefront of their minds as they forged the Declaration of Independence … Continue reading

Dale’s FHA Action Blog – Day 29

We are now into our final two weeks at this year’s 92nd SD Legislative Session. We were grateful when today the Senate Health and Human Services Committee passed onto the Senate floor HB1118. Nation wide the issue of Human Trafficking is now off the back burner and onto the front … Continue reading

Dale’s FHA Action Blog – Day 28

The FHA Action applauds our Attorney General Marty Jackley’s statement supporting President Trump’s Rescinding of the Obama’s Administration’s Mandate Regulating Public School Bathrooms and Locker Rooms. The last thing that should be on a student’s mind when going to school is whether their safety and privacy will be protected. That’s why … Continue reading

Dale’s FHA Action Blog – Day 25

The South Dakota 92nd Legislative Session is well underway and Senate Concurrent Resolution 4 – Recognizing Pornography as Public Health Crisis – was a front and center priority for the Family Heritage Alliance Action.  This historic resolution passed unanimously through the South Dakota State Senate (35-0) and House of Representatives (65-0).  SCR4 … Continue reading