US House Passes Bill that Defunds Planned Parenthood

The House has voted the will of the majority of Americans with this legislation, which makes Planned Parenthood ineligible to receive federal tax dollars and redirects those funds to support the thousands of better low-cost healthcare options for women and families. Created by ADFJan 06, 2016 The following quote may … Continue reading

S.D.’s 91st Legislative Session FHA Preview Tour

On January 12, our “A” team of lobbyists will be presenting a preview of the upcoming legislative session in Pierre.  Dale Bartscher, and Norman Woods will be front and center on a “Preview Tour” that begins in Rapid City for a luncheon on January 12.  The team will proceed from … Continue reading

The Omnibus Bill – The American People’s Lump of Coal in their Christmas stocking!

On Friday, December 18, Congress approved a $1.1 trillion spending bill (2000+ pages) with a pair of overwhelming bipartisan votes, capping a frenzied final few weeks of legislating before lawmakers head home for the holidays and gear up for the 2016 election year. The House moved first, passing the government-funding … Continue reading

Heritage Foundation Press Release on Omnibus Bill

Click here for the Heritage Foundation Finally, from the respected HERITAGE FOUNDATION we read the following press release issued moments after the omnibus bill was unveiled: Omnibus a Missed Opportunity to Rein in Wasteful Spending WASHINGTON December 16, 2015 – Congress has released a $1.1 trillion spending omnibus that—with about … Continue reading

Solemn Assembly January 8

Amy Wagner, State Coordinator for the National Day of Prayer writes the following: The Black Hills NDP Team has scheduled another Solemn Assembly to begin the New Year and the Legislative Session. I am reminded of Daniel chapter 9 as we approach 2016. The time for Repentance is NOW. We … Continue reading