The Man Behind the Billboards

In a previous article we discussed the agenda behind the blue & white billboards that have been popping up around SD, but let’s peel back one more layer of the onion. First, a recap. We know that the message behind the billboards is that South Dakota needs to place Sexual … Continue reading

CWA Encourage-A-Legislator Campaign

Dear CWA Friends, It is time to recruit “encouragers” for our Encourage-A-Legislator Campaign for the 2019 South Dakota Legislative Session. This is our 20th year of Encourage-A-Legislator! Some of you have been dedicated encouragers with us from the very beginning and we appreciate your faithfulness. We live in challenging times. … Continue reading

In Response to the Rapid City Journal’s Endorsement of W

Amendment W would add 3,329 words to the state Constitution, and would essentially create a fourth branch of government that operates outside the normal checks and balances system of the other branches. The new article would also be superior to all other aspects of our state Constitution. The amendment says … Continue reading

FHA Action Endorses Jason Ravnsborg for AG

South Dakota Family Heritage Alliance Action Endorses Jason Ravnsborg for Attorney General of South Dakota Having faithfully served the people of the entire nation in U.S. Army Reserves for over 22 years, including service in both Iraq and Afghanistan, Jason Ravnsborg has now committed himself to come home to South … Continue reading