Sioux Falls’ Legislative Review Luncheon Held

FHA Executive Director Dale Bartscher and FHA Action Lobbyist and Youth Coordinator Norman Woods traveled the very familiar road to Sioux Falls on Wednesday. Once again they were assisted by Sioux Falls FHA Representative LaVonne Fosness as we held a Sioux Falls area FHA Legislative Review Luncheon. Seventy-Four energetic guests … Continue reading

Rapid City’s Legislative Review Events Held

Once again this year two Rapid City area FHA Legislative Review Events were held to give our FHA friends and partners a “choice” as to which one best fit their schedules. The Cedar Canyon Wesleyan Camp was the perfect host location for these two events. Camp Manager Ben Sutton was … Continue reading

My Inspiration From FHA Action’s Capitol Summit

Guest Writer: Pastor Joe Ganahl As a pastor, I am passionately involved in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the world and I am not ashamed of it. I am also not ashamed of being an American and I passionately love our country and her Christian values. I preached on … Continue reading

Governor Dennis Daugaard has signed into law SB149

It’s Official…Governor Dennis Daugaard has signed into law SB149 – The Faith-Based Adoption Agency Protection Act!! From our nation’s inception, religious organizations have provided invaluable social services that have lifted people out of poverty, helped them heal, restored their families, and equipped them to one day make their own contributions to society. They … Continue reading

Dale’s FHA Action Blog – Day 33

Last Sunday I had the wonderful opportunity of filling the pulpit at the two services for the Community Bible Church in Pierre.  Their Lead Pastor Harvey Friez, had to be out-of-town that morning, but he was gracious enough to allow me to put up our Family Heritage Alliance Display and then … Continue reading