SB115 Withdrawal

Many of our friends across the state have been following our efforts to pass Senate Bill 115 – our Student Privacy Act.

Protecting the privacy and dignity of all students while under the care of our public schools is a high priority for the FHA Action. Thus, SB 115 would ensure that every South Dakota elementary and secondary public school student is guaranteed a baseline of privacy while using the most intimate areas: public school locker rooms, showers and other changing facilities. All this while still permitting local schools to craft accommodations that suit the needs of their student body.

This year the school restrooms were intentionally left out of SB 115. This was done as a good faith compromise to Governor Daugaard who last year vetoed a like bill…HB1008. We were in sincere hope that our Governor would take an honest second look at the merits of this bill but unfortunately he chose to immediately call a press conference and publicly rejected SB 115 before we had the opportunity of defending it in his presence.

Thus SB115 was to go before a very reluctant Senate Education Committee this past Tuesday morning. So, due in part to the Governor’s promised Veto, the Prime Sponsor of SB115 chose to WITHDRAW the bill rather than put the bill through a possible Senate smoke out attempt and a veto override battle. The FHA Action remains committed to addressing this issue across the state of South Dakota because protecting the PRIVACY of every South Dakota Student must be assured and is a priority. So … stay tuned as this issue isn’t going away anytime soon.

We more than appreciate the Prime Sponsors for SB115: Senator Lance Russell of Hot Springs and Representative Tom Brunner of Nisland. They are champions who truly believe in protecting the privacy of every student and were fully committed to the passage of the bill.

We want to encourage you to follow our work at the South Dakota Capitol during this 92nd Legislative Session by going to and click on LEGISLATIVE RADAR.

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