Sioux Falls City Council to Withdraw Gender Identity Policy Amendments

daleIt’s been said, “God is seldom early…but never late!”  Well, He showed up in just the nick of time when it comes to our work on the Sioux Falls City Council and their proposed amendment to chapter 39.  The Sioux Falls City Attorney, citing South Dakota Attorney General’s pending litigation against the Obama Administration, announced that the City of Sioux Falls is withdrawing “gender identity policy amendments.”  Click here for the Sioux Falls City Attorney’s Press Release.

Our PRAYERS have been answered as we begin by thanking our God for his hand of grace and guidance in this matter.  Second, we thank our Attorney General, Marty Jackley, for his personal contact with the Sioux Falls City Attorney.  In case you have not seen A. G. Jackley’s PRESS RELEASE, click here.

We cannot thank enough our National Friends who came to our side in assistance to help STOP these Amendments:  Richard Mast of Liberty Counsel, Bruce Hausknecht of Focus On The Family, Kellie Fiedorek and Matt Sharp of Alliance Defending Freedom.  We would only but hope that they will stay CLOSE BY as both Amendment to chapter 98 and chapter 39 may well resurface in the near future.  If that happens, we will again rise to the challenge in pushing them back.

I wish to thank those who joined us in this effort!  I, and FHA Action, have been and are HONORED to stand by your side in this matter.  Now…onward and forward!

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