2016 Legislative Session Day 27

Well TODAY is the 27th day of the South Dakota Legislative Session’s 38 days.

handsraisedMany of you have been following, and rightly so, the process whereby we hope and pray that House Bill 1008, a bill that is designed to protect the privacy of ALL of our public school children – becomes law.  HB 1008 has now been delivered to our Governor Daugaard’s Desk.  It is our understanding that by midnight on Tuesday, March 1, he must sign this bill into law, veto this bill, or simply allow it to become law without his signature.

This bill, which was passed with the support of 75% of our Legislators, will require every elementary and secondary public school in the state to protect the privacy of boys and girls by ensuring that boys and girls do not use the same restrooms, locker rooms, or shower rooms together.

We, the people of South Dakota, are legitimately concerned about safety and privacy, especially when it comes to children, but we are also concerned about treating everyone fairly, including people dealing with gender dysphoria. Our South Dakota legislators have struck a balance that respects all concerned and shines a clear path out of a tricky issue.

We certainly anticipate HB 1008 will come off of the Governor’s Desk with his Signature because it’s South Dakota Common Sense.  Please, take a moment, CALL Governor Daugaard (605-773-3212) and respectfully ask him to SIGN HB 1008 into law.

Senate Bill 129 now being called “Jason’s Law” has passed off of the Senate Floor with a unanimous vote.  This bill would require that Teachers be given a one-hour suicide prevention training as a part of their teacher re-certification process.

Senate Bill 159 also flew out of the Senate and we are grateful.  This bill empowers lower income families who choose to provide a private school education to their children, to be able to afford it. Sixteen other states have adopted this method successfully to provide more parental choice in the education of their children.

We were pleased recently to give testimony for and see passed on the Senate floor two bills, which will directly protect our children in a greater way.  They are:

Senate Bill 168, which seeks to protect juveniles from being victimized by the criminal activity of Human Trafficking.  In this bill a person, usually called the John, who pimps a child into this DARK lifestyle will now be charged with a felony instead of a misdemeanor.

And then there is SB 169 a bill, which seeks to revise our child pornography laws.  Although this is a ‘baby step’ of a bill….it is a step in the right direction as it moves the selling of child pornography from a Class 2 charge to a more serious….Class 4 charge.
summit2As I close I’d like to share that our SD Ministry Leaders’ Capitol Summit held on Monday, Feb. 22 here in Pierre at the State Capitol was a terrific success.   Our keynote speaker, Mark Gonzales (Black Robed Regiment) blessed the 120 Pastors and Ministry Leaders who converged on the Capitol for a day of prayer, information, inspiration and influence.  I am so grateful to an FHA Staff that goes above and beyond the call of duty to help execute an event such as this.  Yes, it was “all hands on deck” and all our hard work paid off as all were blessed!

Until NEXT TIME please keep looking up and forward my friends!


House Bill 1008 Is A South Dakota Modesty Bill

daleNo parent wants to hear their school-aged daughter saying, through sobs, “A boy walked into my locker room at school and saw me changing after gym.”  The people of South Dakota have an opportunity to make sure that doesn’t happen.

The South Dakota Senate is about to consider HB 1008, a bill that is designed to protect the privacy of our school children.  If the bill passes, and Governor Daugaard signs it, it will require every elementary and secondary public school in the state to protect the privacy of boys and girls by ensuring that boys and girls do not use the same restrooms, locker rooms, or shower rooms together.  Rather, if a child has the physical attributes of a male when he’s born, he will need to use the facilities for males.  And if a child has the physical attributes of a female when she’s born, she will need to use the facilities for females.

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2016 Legislative Session Day 20

2016day20b2016day20a2016day20cOne word which typifies the heart of the FHA Action is the word – RELATIONSHIPS.  I am thrilled to run into friends, many of whom hold to the same Christian Worldview as I do, here at the Capitol.  It was great visiting with Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender as he was at the Capitol attending several meetings.  Hot Springs Pastor and friend, Phillip Shively, came to the Capitol for THREE days and spent his time shadowing both Rep. Scott Craig, pictured here, along with FHA Lobbyist Norman Woods and myself.  Another Pastor showed up on the Capitol’s doorstep this past week in Pastor Sean McPherson of Rapid City.  Sean’s also thrown his hat into the ring as a Candidate for the SD House in District 32.  I really appreciate his Campaign’s motto as it reads:  “Family Focused – Family First”.

2016day20Kitty WerthmannThis year….PRO-LIFE BILLS ABOUND…and it’s wonderful!  It is so good to see our friend and SD Eagle Forum President Kitty Werthmann still lobbying hard at the Capitol for our Christian Values.  This week Kitty took to the testimony chair as she supported SB 72.  This is a Bill crafted by the South Dakota Right to Life and it will prohibit the abortion of an unborn child who is capable of experiencing pain.  This is frequently referred to as the Pain Capable Child Protection Act and it will heard in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee this Wednesday, Feb. 17.

BTW – This week HB1008, a Bill called our Student Physical Privacy Act and supported by FHA Action, was passed out of the Senate Education Committee on a vote of 4 to 2.  It will now be voted on by the full Senate as early as this Tuesday, Feb. 16.  HB 1008 simply requires students to use the bathrooms of their biological sex and accommodates for those walking through gender confusion.  Please visit our LEGISLATIVE RADAR for this and other bills we are working.  To send your Senate a clear and passionate email asking him/her to VOTE YES on HB 1008, click here!

Until NEXT TIME please keep looking up and forward my friends!

2016 Legislative Session Day 16

2016day16Once again an early morning at the Capitol and all is well…for the time being 🙂  The People’s House…our SD State Capitol really is a beautiful building.

This week HB1008, a Bill called our Student Physical Privacy Act and supported by the FHA Action, came to the House Floor for a vote after having passed out of the House State Affairs Committee on a strong vote.  I was inspired by the dedication of this Bill’s Prime Sponsor, Rep. Fred Deutsch, who stood to pitch the bill to the 70 Representatives gathered.  A number of his colleagues stood one right after another in support of HB1008 and none was more passionate and articulate than was Rep. Scott Craig of Rapid City.  When all was said and done this Bill cleared the House floor on an amazing vote of 58 to 10.  HB1008 will now be heard in the Senate Education Committee on Thursday, Feb. 11.

I am grateful to the support we are experiencing from our FHA Action friends across the state.  One such supporter is a lady named Sue who just today wrote me the following:

“Dear Dale, Speaking of “appreciating”, we are so in awe of all you do for Faith, Family, and Freedom during Legislative session!!  THANK YOU!!  I do check your FHA News and your FHA Action website quite often and have used the link for sending messages to legislators. I get a lot of email pleas from various groups to contact them and often pass them on or include the information in my emails. We are “called to be faithful citizens” as well as faithful believers!”

Take a look at the number of Bills the FHA Action is currently following:  Supporting – 30;  Opposing – 3.  Some of those we are supporting are:

  • HB 1008 – The Student Physical Privacy Act will protect the privacy of every public school student, while being sensitive to the student who has confusion about their gender.
  • HB 1107 – Referred to as GNDA and it will ensure state government nondiscrimination in matters of religious beliefs and moral convictions.
  • HB 1112 – Seeks to void and replace the transgender policy that the SDHSAA passed in 2014 which allows a student to play on the sports team they feel they belong on, rather than the team their birth-sex dictates.
  • SB 159 – Seeks to provide financial assistance for low-income families to send their children to a private school.

2016day16bAs many of you know, in 2015 the FHA Action and her South Dakota friends blessed 75 of our Elected Officials in Pierre with a leather bound copy of The Founder’s Bible. This is a copy of Scripture which contains some 900 pages of historical documents and stories of our Founding Fathers.  This week I was thrilled to present a copy of this Bible to Ryan Brunner, South Dakota’s Commissioner of School and Public Lands. Ryan is a friend of the Family Heritage Alliance and more importantly he holds to a Biblical Christian Worldview.  We thank Ryan for his service to our great state.

Until NEXT TIME please keep looking up and forward my friends!

Press Release on HB 1008 (SPPA)

2016radar_icons_childFHA Action Executive Director Dale Bartscher announced today that the South Dakota House of Representatives had overwhelmingly passed House Bill 1008 known as the Student Physical Privacy Act (SPPA) on January 27, 2016.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Fred Deutsch, is a strong defense of the privacy of all students in restrooms, showers or locker rooms at SD elementary and secondary public schools. The biological sex of a student is defined as their “physical condition of being male or female as determined by a person’s chromosomes and anatomy as identified at birth,” in short, their sex as recorded on their birth certificate.

The bill also compassionately protects the privacy of those students who consider themselves gender confused or uncertain by mandating that schools furnish a ‘reasonable accommodation’, such as a unisex restroom or a single-occupancy restroom.

The Student Physical Privacy Act will now proceed to the South Dakota Senate Education Committee for consideration.

FHA Action strongly supports this bill as a reasonable protection of student privacy while sensitively accommodating the rights of all students with regard to gender issues.

Click here for our legislative radar page to track this and other bills we are working.

Click here to take action on this bill now!