About Us

You don’t have to be a very astute observer to see that the values that most of us cherish are encroached upon and threatened constantly these days. It seems that most are concerned but few have the time to act or any idea what needs to happen next. What if a suite of products were introduced that could really make a difference? What if you could drive down to your neighborhood store and purchase products that would:

  • safeguard your cherished values
  • advise you regarding the things that impact those values
  • advocate for your concerns before the people who make decisions about your life
  • unify the host of other like-minded souls toward mutual goals

What would that be worth to you? As it turns out, we have just exactly that set of tools (if you will) in the process of defending the values we cherish. And to make it even better, you don’t even have to drive to the neighborhood store. To put it simply, we deliver. The Family Heritage Alliance is a group of highly qualified and dedicated people who daily work to deliver these four products:

FHA Sentry – On your home computer, you are likely running software that checks every file to make sure it doesn’t pose potential harm. The FHA Sentry is to public policy what that software is to your computer. We make it our business to keep our eyes on legislation, ordinances, laws, and etc. that could potentially harm our values, our liberty, or the free exercise of our precious faith. On the flip-side, we aren’t just about threats and problems. We aren’t defined by what we are against, but by what we are for. So we are also scanning the horizon for opportunities to positively impact our culture and strengthen faith. When a problem or opportunity is detected, it is handed off to one or more of the three systems listed below.
FHA Advisor – This product exists to inform individuals or groups in the FHA Network (see below) of an opportunity or possible threat and make informed suggestions as to how we might proceed. From how to contact your legislators to potential opportunities to assist those in need, FHA Adviser exists to point the way.
FHA Advocate* FHA Advocate – This product is where some of the “heaviest lifting” is done. Family Heritage Alliance and FHA Action has a team of legislative experts, a lobbyist, and an attorney standing by to press hard for faith, family, and freedom friendly policy.

FHA Network – One of the most exciting things that the FHA groups do is organize and unify good people and diverse groups toward important objectives. This is such a unique and valuable aspect of our character, of who we are as an organization. From eliminating the duplication of effort to coordinating communication to just plain having fun together, the FHA Network has become an integral part of the community of faith in South Dakota.

So is this a veiled fund-raising gimmick? First we aren’t interested in veiling anything. We want you to buy in. We do need your financial buy-in as well as your time and your network of like-minded souls. Secondly, this is no gimmick. This is as real as it gets. When you donate time or money to the FHA groups you are in essence buying real tangible products and services that have a real and positive impact on your quality of life, and that of your family.


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