FHA Action Pressed the Passage of SCR11

Senator Blake Curd

During the summer of 2016 the Family Heritage Alliance Action was alerted to the fact that the national, pro-assisted suicide organization, ‘Compassion and Choices’ were moving decisively to place their pro-physician assisted suicide Initiated Measure on our SD November, 2018, Ballot. The alarm was rung and we jumped into action! Working with the Family Policy Alliance we received the draft of an well-written Anti-Physician Assisted Suicide (PAS) Resolution which would soon become South Dakota’s SCR11. Please take a few moments to read and study it HERE.

This Concurrent Resolution (SCR11) was brilliantly ushered through the SD Senate on a vote of 32 to 3 with the help of Senator Blake Curd of Sioux Falls serving as it’s Prime Sponsor. Then carrying the water on the House side was Representative Leslie Heinemann of Flandreau who managed a solid vote of 67 to 1. Both of these Legislators practice as DOCTORS back home when they are not serving in the SD State Legislature. We are more than grateful for their assistance and the positive support from 99 SD Legislators. Truly the heart, mind and will of our SD State Legislature is to continually support our valued culture of life.

Representative Leslie Heinemann

The FHA encourages our SD friends to acquaint themselves with this very important issue and then passionately persuade their family and friends NOT to sign the pro-death petitions being circulated across the state by the group ‘Compassion and Choices’ (i.e. Death with Dignity South Dakota). The FHA will be on the front lines of the battle OPPOSING Physician Assisted Suicide if this group collects the necessary SD signatures to place it on the ballot.

“There is no way to stop the slide once a society steps onto the slippery slope by legalizing physician-assisted suicide.” — Herbert Hendin, MD. before U.S. Congress in 1996.

“Many physicians believe that assisted suicide practices undermine the integrity of medicine and the patient-physician relationship. Medicine is devoted to healing and the promotion of human wholeness; to use medical techniques in order to achieve death violates its fundamental values.” — The New York State Task Force on Life and the Law.