FHA Action’s Legislative Briefings Held

Our 2016 Legislative Briefings are now in our rear-view mirror as we believe they were the finest briefings we’ve held to date.  It was Steve Backley who once said, “There are three types of people: those that get things done, those that watch things being done, and those that don’t even know anything was done.”  It was “those that get things done” who were in attendance for this year’s FHA Action’s Legislative Briefings.  Here’s a brief look at both of them:

•   Eastern SD Legislative Briefing:  Central Baptist Church was once again our most excellent Sioux Falls host location on Thursday, December 8.  We were catered by the Royal Fork Restaurant and they did a terrific job accommodating the Legislators who, because of IM22, had to paid them directly for their meal cost that day.  There were 41 persons in attendance including:  #15 Legislators; #1 Sioux Falls City Council Member; #7 Lobbyists; #3 FHA Staff and several other special guests.


Eastern SD Legislative Briefing Central Baptist Church in Sioux Falls

•   Western SD Legislative Briefing:  Dove Christian Center was once again our Rapid City host location on Saturday, December 10.  We were catered by the FHA Board & Advisory Council and a special word of gratitude goes out to Debra Watson, Vicki Schlauger and Janet vanHouten for making this Brunch deliciously wonderful.  Those Legislators in attendance covered the cost of their own brunch’s expense.  There were 40 persons in attendance including:  #9 Legislators; #1 Sheriff; #12 Lobbyists; #4 FHA Board Members; #4 FHA Staff and several other special guests.


Western SD Legislative Briefing at the Dove Christian Center in Rapid City

A variety of possible legislation for the 92nd SD Legislative Session were discussed.  None of the bills and resolutions mentioned during the Briefings have been endorsed or opposed by the FHA Action to date.  Topics included:  The Sanctify of Life; Religious Freedom; Student Privacy and Safety; Human Trafficking; Second Amendment; Elderly Care; Pornography; Physician Assisted Suicide; Terrorism – See Something/Say Something; and more.

FHA Action Lobbyists Dale Bartscher, Norman Woods and Ed Randazzo are looking forward to working closely with our SD Legislators as we seek to champion Faith, Family and Freedom in a greater way in 2017.  We will be ‘Boots On The Ground’ at our State Capitol from January 10 – March 10, 2017.  Please pay close attention to www.FHAaction.org to follow our work in Pierre as together we engage on those pieces of Legislation we are either supporting or opposing.  Yes, we are better and stronger together!