SD Right to Life Scorecard

South Dakota Right to Life has release their 2017/2018 Legislative scorecard!

“Our legislative scorecard is out for the 2017-18 sessions just in time for the primaries. Feel free to print, copy, cut, paste, quote, and use the resource however you see fit. Make sure voters in your district know how your legislators are voting, and thank your legislator for standing up for LIFE! Don’t have a pro-life legislator? You can donate to South Dakota Right to Life PAC, 342 N. Sunset Dr., Mina, SD 57451. Specify which district race you want your funds used in. Questions about the scorecard? Email”

SD RTL Scorecard

2017 Legislative Scorecard is Ready

The 2017 legislative session was challenging.  When it comes to the folks you sent to Pierre to represent your values, there were many who stood with FHA Action regardless of the cost.  To those brave souls, we extend our sincerest appreciation.  The big question is, was your legislative delegation to Pierre supportive of your values?

That’s a good question.  After crunching the numbers on this 92nd Legislative Session, we thought it would be useful to you, to have in hand some real stats regarding the way your legislators voted on values.  We have prepared a concise scorecard that shows exactly that.  Use the link below to download the scorecard.  You are free to redistribute the document any way you desire.  We simply ask that you do not modify it in any way.

Click here to download your copy now.

Sioux Falls’ Legislative Review Luncheon Held

FHA Executive Director Dale Bartscher and FHA Action Lobbyist and Youth Coordinator Norman Woods traveled the very familiar road to Sioux Falls on Wednesday. Once again they were assisted by Sioux Falls FHA Representative LaVonne Fosness as we held a Sioux Falls area FHA Legislative Review Luncheon. Seventy-Four energetic guests filled the room at the Linwood Wesleyan Church as their lead Pastor Bob McHenry opened the event in prayer.

We were honored to have in attendance these elected officials: Senators Jim Bolin and Jim Stalzer, along with Representatives Steven Haugaard, Leslie Heinemann, Isaac Latterell, Sue Peterson, Marli Wiese and Larry Zikmund.

It was a treat to welcome Owen Shay, Constituent Service Representative for Congresswoman Kristi Noem (SD) to our event. Owen brought us up-to-date with some of the happenings and decisions made in Congresswoman Noem’s office.

A special treat for Dale was the presence of his sister Cheryl. Cheryl, and her husband Ernie, live in Sioux Falls and often attend FHA events but this day was special. Cheryl was celebrating her birthday and Dale surprised her with a birthday cake complete with candles. This only but goes to prove…the FHA is ‘Family’ in more ways that one 🙂

Rapid City’s Legislative Review Events Held

Once again this year two Rapid City area FHA Legislative Review Events were held to give our FHA friends and partners a “choice” as to which one best fit their schedules. The Cedar Canyon Wesleyan Camp was the perfect host location for these two events. Camp Manager Ben Sutton was more than accommodating as he helped us prepare the facility and serve a delicious meal to welcome our 120 total guests.

We were honored to have in attendance on Tuesday evening Rapid City Council Ward One Candidate Becky Drury, Pennington County Sheriff Kevin Thom, and Representative Taffy Howard. Wednesday’’s luncheon saw several more elected officials in the house including County Commissioner Mark DiSanto, Senator Phil Jensen, and Representatives Lynne DiSanto and ‘Chip’ Campbell.

Each year we are blessed at these two events to have the most splendid assistance of TeenPact Students and their Sponsors. Under the excellent leadership of SD TeenPact State Coordinator Joanne Woods these seven young people helped set-up, served and cleaned-up after the event. Joanne and Pastor Phil Shively, a TeenPact Class Director, shared with us the amazing results of a very successful TeenPact year. For more information on the TeenPact Program go to

Wednesday’s event was video taped by Western Sky Media and will soon be up on our website.

My Inspiration From FHA Action’s Capitol Summit

Guest Writer: Pastor Joe Ganahl

Pastor Joe Ganahl

As a pastor, I am passionately involved in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the world and I am not ashamed of it. I am also not ashamed of being an American and I passionately love our country and her Christian values. I preached on “politics” for several weeks surrounding the November election… not necessarily on a particular candidate… but on each parties political platform and encouraged our people to vote on the platforms, not necessarily candidates. One platform was unashamedly Christian, while the other platform was filled with opposition to biblical values. They were some of the most powerful… and most informative… messages I had ever preached. Praise God that SD… and the rest of our nation… elected a party and people who share those biblical values… back to positions of power.

On February 7th… I was able to attend the FHA Action’s SD Ministry Leaders’ Capitol Summit in Pierre. It was the first one I had ever attended. I’d love to say I had a great time and can’t wait to go back… but for me, as an introvert… it was a little uncomfortable. I didn’t know anyone except Dale Bartscher… and he was a little too busy to babysit me all day!! However, as I walked around the Capitol and witnessed numerous State Representatives, Senators, and Cabinet officials boldly proclaiming their faith… God spoke to me about how they needed our support and our prayers.

I came back with a big project in mind. Personal prayer cards for every Representative, every Senator, and every Cabinet official… regardless of political party… based on 1 Tim 2:1-3…
“First of all, I urge that petitions, prayers, intercessions and thanksgivings be made for everyone… for kings and all those in authority… so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity… this is good and it pleases God our Savior.”

That’s a tall task. Hundreds of envelopes had to be addressed and stamped… and hundreds had to be taken by our congregation and personally written in. My administrative assistants, Darlis and Sarah, did an amazing job of getting that ready in a short week and then preparing them for our congregation. We made an announcement on a Sunday morning… telling people what we were doing… and asking them to take at least one card, but possibly more… and write something in there encouraging our elected officials. By the end of the day… ALL the cards had been taken. God was using us to do exactly what He had planned. To pray for those in authority… all those in authority… even those we might possibly disagree with. We hope we were able to be a blessing and encouragement to those folks during an extremely difficult time… and to let them know there were people that supported them and were praying for them. It was a great privilege for us to be involved in this way.

Governor Dennis Daugaard has signed into law SB149

It’s OfficialGovernor Dennis Daugaard has signed into law SB149 – The Faith-Based Adoption Agency Protection Act!!

From our nation’s inception, religious organizations have provided invaluable social services that have lifted people out of poverty, helped them heal, restored their families, and equipped them to one day make their own contributions to society. They do so because their faith teaches them to love and serve one another.

SB149 will now help accomplish that goal by ensuring that faith-based adoption agencies and foster care providers are not penalized under state or local laws because of their beliefs. In addition to secular agencies, and 1960 Attorneys who can facilitate adoptions, South Dakota is also blessed to have several religious agencies, like Bethany Christian Services, New Horizons Adoption Agency and Catholic Social Services that have helped countless children find loving homes. SB149 will now make sure that these agencies aren’t stripped of their licenses or threatened with closure based solely on their beliefs.

It is time that South Dakota lends a helping hand to faith-based adoption agencies and foster care providers to thank them for the helping hands that they have been to South Dakota for decades.   We thank Governor Dennis Daugaard for having done just that in the signing of SB149 into law.

We would be amiss if we did not first say…To God be the Glory!!!!  

  • Psalms 107:1 –  “O give thanks unto the LORD, for He is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.”

Second…This was a TEAM effort!!!! 

  • We more than appreciate our Prime Sponsors in Senator Solano and Representative Haugaard who carried the day presenting the case for SB149 with a “flare of excellence”.
  • We also so appreciate the 70 Legislators who supported SB149 as it made its way through the Senate and the House.
  • Congratulations to these SD Faith-Based Adoption Agencies:  Catholic Social Services, Bethany Christian Services and the New Horizons Adoption Agency!
  • We thank Matt Sharp (Alliance Defending Freedom) and Troy Cummings (Bethany Christian Services) for crafting the precise language of SB149.
  • The lobbying team of the Family Heritage Alliance Action (FHA Action) and Concerned Women for America (CWA) made for an effective ‘Boots On The Ground’ presence at the Capitol advocating for the passage of SB149.
  • We so appreciate those South Dakotans who took the time to PRAY for this decision and those who engaged their Legislators and the Governor as well via emails and/or phone calls.  We are also grateful for the assistance of our National Organizations who came to our aid in a number of ways:  Family Policy Alliance, Focus On The Family, Alliance Defending Freedom and the Family Research Council.  It makes a difference as we are stronger and better together!
  • Finally, God Bless those children in need of loving families for they truly are the BIG WINNERS with the signing of SB149 into law!

Lastly…Please join me in thanking our Governor Dennis Daugaard for signing SB149 into law.   Simply CLICK HERE and drop him a quick e-mail of appreciation.

SB149 will become law on July 1, 2017.

Yours For Faith, Family and Freedom,




Dale Bartscher, Executive Director

Family Heritage Alliance
P.O. Box 329
Rapid City, SD  57709

OFFICE:  605-718-5433 (LIFE)
MOBILE:  605-390-7319


Dale’s Last FHA Action Capitol Blog – Day 35

The sun is beginning to set on the 92nd SD Legislative Session. After this Friday, March 10, all that remains is the Veto Override Day on Monday, March 27. This is a day when any bills the Governor may veto can be re-considered by the Legislature.

This morning we held our final Catacomb Caucus of this session and we concluded on a high note. The 35+ Legislators, Capitol staff, lobbyists and guests were blessed to be led in our devotional time by Trudy Qualm, wife of Representative Lee Qualm. Trudy has inspired all of us throughout this session in song and word as she used her talent on the guitar each Wednesday morning to lead us to the Throne in music. “Thank You, Trudy!”

We were more than gratified that the Senate concurred this past Tuesday with SB149, the ‘Faith-Based Adoption Agency Protection Act’. It was a strong Senate vote of 27 to 8. This now means that 70 of the 105 Legislators approved this good and right piece of legislation. Now it goes to the Governor’s Desk for either his signature or a veto. We need your HELP in the passage of SB149 a bill that ensures that faith-based adoption agencies in South Dakota are free to continue placing children and making decisions that are consistent with their sincerely held religious beliefs and moral convictions. The bill prevents the state from coming down with a “heavy hand” on any agency because that agency follows their convictions. Please call the Governor office today at 605-773-3212 and respectfully ask him to sign SB149 into law. This simply allows the Faith-Based Adoption Agency’s the right to continue doing what they have done for decades in the state of South Dakota – placing children in loving families.

In closing I want to extend an invitation to you to be our guests at one of three up-coming FHA Events. I, along with FHA Action Lobbyist Norman Woods, will be sharing a complete wrap-up of this Legislative Session at three different FHA Events (March 21, 22 and 23). For more information and/or to register for one of these FREE informative events please go to our website at… and click on the EVENT you are most interested in.

It has been my honor to have spent some time with you in these FHA Action Capitol Blogs over the last 8 weeks. Together we are better and stronger!