Defeat 22

The following is from our friends at Americans For Prosperity:

defeat22“We believe that not all politicians embody the values of our members in South Dakota and our taxes shouldn’t be used indiscriminately to finance their political campaigns.  That’s why we joined the ballot committee.  Visit to learn more.”

“We are pleased to stand with many other fine organizations from throughout South Dakota in our opposition to Measure 22.  IM22 would take tax dollars away from important state priorities like schools, roads, and public safety and give it to politicians to use for their ads and robocalls.”

Our members, like the majority of South Dakotans, oppose forcing taxpayers to indiscriminately fund campaigns.  We’re proud to announce that we joined the ballot committee that is fighting an effort to do just that.  Go to and like @Defeat22 on Twitter to find out more.”

Click the audio player to hear the Defeat22 Ad Spot:

Below is AFA’s press release on this issue:

Sioux Falls, S.D. – Defeat22, the coalition urging voters to reject Initiated Measure 22 on the November ballot, today announced the initial list of coalition partners. The coalition opposes Measure 22 because it will force taxpayers to fund political campaigns via a “public funding” law.

Initial Coalition Members – Defeat22:

  • SD Farm Bureau
  • SD Retailers Association
  • SD Chamber of Commerce
  • SD Cooperatives
  • Western Dakota Families
  • Family Heritage Alliance Action
  • Concerned Women for America of South Dakota
  • Americans for Prosperity – South Dakota

“We are proud to have so many great South Dakota organizations standing with the Defeat 22 coalition to educate voters about this outrageous proposal,” explained Larry Rhoden, former South Dakota state legislator and spokesman for the Defeat 22 coalition. “Our coalition represents many different perspectives within our state, all of which agree that tax dollars should never pay for politicians and their political campaigns. We welcome other organizations in the state to stand with us and help educate voters about what is at stake. Right or left, up or down state, all South Dakotans should agree that no taxpayers should be paying for attack ads and robocalls.”

Last week the coalition announced a new radio ad, mailer, and grassroots door knocking effort. The coalition plans to continue heavy grassroots advocacy and paid media over the next four months.

Defeat 22 is a coalition opposing Measure 22, which would create taxpayer-funded campaigns and force South Dakotans to be added to a government database. The coalition includes non-profits, concerned citizens, and lawmakers.

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities in the Rapid City area, the following will provide some details:

Phone calling and neighborhood canvassing dates and times:

  • July 19th (5:30 – 7:30 PM) *Dinner provided afterwards*
  • July 26th (5:30 – 7:30 PM) *Dinner provided afterwards*
  • August 2nd (5:30 – 7:30 PM) *Dinner provided afterwards*
  • August 6th (National Day of Action; 9 AM – 3 PM) *Lunch provided*
  • August 8th (5:30 – 7:30 PM) *Dinner provided afterwards*

Meet at the AFP office at 811 Disk Drive #102 in Rapid City.  Training will be provided at the start of each volunteer session.  All volunteers will receive a t-shirt to wear while they are volunteering.