FHA Action’s Thoughts on Trump’s VP Choice

Mike_Pence,_official_portrait,_112th_CongressThe FHA Action has not, as of yet, endorsed a 2016 Presidential Candidate.  At this point – we report and you prayerfully decide.

It is being widely reported that Donald Trump has selected Mike Pence, the Governor of Indiana, as his running mate.  If this is true then this is good news for conservatives in general and evangelicals in particular.

His selection goes a long way toward consolidating GOP support for Donald Trump, making a Trump-Pence ticket far more likely to defeat Hillary Clinton in the fall. As such, his selection shows the Trump campaign’s growing understanding that to win they need conservatives in general and evangelicals in particular.

Pence helps in this way for many reasons:

  • He has an excellent record as a six-term, 12-year-veteran of Congress as well as the chief executive of the Midwestern state with the best overall business climate.
  • In Congress, he was a champion of life, religious liberty and traditional marriage, as revealed by his votes and statements. He is also an unabashed champion for Israel, protecting our borders and a strong military.
  • Under Mike Pence’s stewardship, Indiana has record employment levels, a bond rating better than the U.S. government, and a business climate that is eighth best overall and best in the Midwest, according to Forbes magazine. Pence’s economic record includes accelerating a tax cut that eliminated ALL inheritance taxes in Indiana.
  • Pence is a policy expert. He led the Indiana Policy Review (State Policy Network economic think tank) in the 90s while serving on the board of the Indiana Family Institute (our sister organization in Indiana) before running for and winning a seat in Congress in 2000.
  • Pence also spent a decade on talk radio, honing his communication skills and showing all Hoosiers that he is a cheerful, winsome, policy leader who is “a Christian first, then a conservative and then a Republican.” He has truly walked the walk of a genuine believer both personally and professionally.
  • In Congress, he was a top leader as Chairman of the GOP Conference. He also served as a senior member of the House International Affairs Committee.
  • He and his wife, Karen, worship at an evangelical church in Indianapolis and have three grown children. Their son, Michael, was recently commissioned as a first lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps, following graduation from Purdue University.

Gary Bauer, FHA friend and this year’s Eastern SD Stand Banquet Keynote Speaker, wrote recently concerning Mike Pence:

“I have known Mike Pence for many years, even before he entered Congress. He is a solid, pro-family, pro-life conservative, with a Reaganesque demeanor. I believe he will provide balance to the GOP ticket in many ways.”