Dale’s Blog – Day 2

It has been wisely said by Jerry Panas, “I am told that the world is divided into three types: Those who are immovable, those who are movable, and those who move.” This statement certainly reflects the lifestyles of both FHA Action Lobbyist Norman Woods and myself this past week. We have definitely been “on the move” as we moderated our Two-City FHA Legislative Preview Tour across the state of SD hosting in Rapid City and Sioux Falls. All this before making our way to the Capitol to settle in on our responsibilities, during the 92nd SD Legislative Session, as Lobbyists for the FHA Action.

Our first order of things was to simply re-acquaint ourselves some the 105 Legislators who grace the House (70) and Senate (35). For at least a third of the 105 Legislators this is a new and exciting journey.

Today our Legislature held a joint session where Chief Justice David Gilbertson delivered the State of the Judiciary Address. I was inspired as prior to this address the Legislature once again bowed their heads in prayer and called on the ultimate Judge….the Lord our God….to grant wisdom to these making such important decisions in the days and weeks to follow.

Please follow the work of the FHA ACTION on your behalf right here on FHAAction.org.  Keep an eye on our legislative radar here.

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