Dale’s FHA Action’s Blog – Day 4

Today brings the conclusion of the first week of the 92nd Legislative Session. I am reminded of the words of Vern McLellan who wrote: “What the New Year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the New Year.” I would hope that I, along with FHA Action Lobbyist Norman Woods, will always bring to the Session a sense of truth, discernment, a gratitude attitude and most of all a Christ-like spirit.

Committees like the House Education Committee pictured here are in full swing. Norman and I anticipate we’ll be spending significant time testifying in the following Senate and House Committees: Education, Judiciary, Health and Human Services and State Affairs.

On a lighter note Norman and I are blessed with this year’s lodging arrangement in Pierre as we are able to financially afford the rental of a snowbird’s home. It is conveniently located 3 blocks from the Capitol. As always we strive to be financial stewards of FHA Action Funds during the Legislative Session so we’ll be cooking most of our meals at home. My wife will tell you that I’m not a cook but thankfully Norman is …. kind of ….and I’ve attached a photo proving his expertise in this area.

Please follow the work of the FHA ACTION on your behalf right here on FHAAction.org.  Keep an eye on our legislative radar here.

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