FHA Action Endorses Paul TenHaken for Mayor

Family Heritage Alliance Action is honored to endorse Paul TenHaken for Mayor of Sioux Falls. Paul has led in the private sector with the same values shared by FHA, that of Faith, Family and Freedom. He will lead in public service as the Mayor of Sioux Falls with this same passion and purpose. Paul considers serving the community of Sioux Falls as a calling with the greatest purpose of all; that of “loving our neighbor.”

Each Mayoral Candidate was asked 6 survey questions. Here are Paul’s answers:

Are you a person of faith? If so, how do you see your faith affecting your decision making and leadership of Sioux Falls?

“Throughout my personal and professional career, my faith has been the primary driver in my decision making. In fact, my faith and feeling called to serve is the primary reason why I am running to be the mayor of Sioux Falls.”


Candidates for office normally decide to run for office because they are dissatisfied with an issue or issues or they have a desire to promote a specific issue. What issue(s) caused you to run for Mayor of Sioux Falls?

“I have a desire to serve the people of Sioux Falls. It’s a calling that for the past several years, I tried to ignore and ultimately decided it was something I needed to pursue. Of all the issues facing our city right now, I see the need for a leader who can unite the community and city leadership again”


Drugs and crime tear apart families. What specific steps would you take to reduce drugs and crime in Sioux Falls?

“Currently, I am the only candidate to have written and published a plan for the next eight years of our city and the issues I think will be most important to the health of Sioux Falls. This plan can be found at https://www.tenhakenformayor.com/2026-plan In this plan, you will notice that battling crime and narcotics growth is initiative #1, and it is there for a reason. I have seen the trickle down impact of our narcotics problem on our crime rate, growth in poverty, the impact on kids, the strain on our workforce, and more.  In my plan, I specifically mention the following:

  • Increased training resources for officers, which are currently underfunded
  • Additional drug and fugitive task force agents to collaborate with the county and state
  • Recommitting prevention education dollars to our schools which have been dropped
  • Examining opportunities for stronger treatment options to end cyclical addiction
  • Working closely with our state and federal delegation to get more DEA agents for South Dakota (currently SD is under-resourced with only two DEA agents).

 Obviously these are just a start to what I hope to implement, but these items do have the potential to have significant impact for both the short and long-term issues we are facing with crime and narcotics growth.”


There’s an attack on free speech in this country with buzz phrases such as hate speech, free speech zones. What will you do to ensure that open civilized dialogue is championed in Sioux Falls?

“Increasingly, we tend to submit to the vocal minority in free speech settings versus allowing all side to openly discuss all angles of an issue. As stated in the question, the civility of these discussions is the lost art we need to regain. My administration will not discriminate among ANY group that wishes to make the positions known in a productive and civilized fashion and will ensure that political correctness does not override our free speech liberties.”


Do you believe the government in Sioux Falls and transparency problem? In brief, what would you be your plan to address it? 

“As previously mentioned, I am the only mayoral candidate to have the vision and leadership to release a 2026 plan for the next eight years of our city. The act of releasing that plan in and of itself shows my commitment to transparency in government. This plan can be found at https://www.tenhakenformayor.com/2026-plan I would ensure the open communication is re-implemented in City Hall through open office hours with the mayor, stronger communication with our city council, the releasing of information that we typically have kept secret (as long as the integrity of any proposal and/or decision is not compromised by doing so), and using digital and social media much more effectively to open up communication and decision making to citizens.”


As mayor how will you respond when city employees keep bibles on their desks in the city office and request to use city conference rooms to conduct Bible studies after working hours?

“I actually plan to do this myself. That statement should tell you all you need to know.”


Note: Jolene Loetscher gave no response to the FHA Action questionnaire

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  1. Yes, we are so happy with Paul T.

    I am checking on voting for the new Governor. Who is following Biblical principles more Marty Jackley or Kristie Noem? Thank you

    • Hi Deanna,
      Thanks for the question. Marty Jackley and Kristi Noem have both served our state with a firm commitment to Biblical principles, and we have every confidence that both of them would take that commitment into the Governors office if elected.

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