High School Athletics

HB1225 requires the SDHSAA to use the birth certificate of a student as the determinant of their eligibility, even if the student identifies with the opposite sex team. Why is this needed?

2 Problems with males playing on female teams:

Fairness. Generally speaking, males are taller and stronger than females, and allowing a student who is biologically male to compete against a female could pose an unfair advantage.

Exclusion. If a student who is biologically male is allowed to compete in an athletic competition that is designated for females, then in almost every situation there will be a female who would have filled that spot, but was excluded by a male from a competition that was designed for her.

What We Need
-Students who believe that participation on boys and girls teams should be decided based on the student’s sex, not which gender they identify with.
-Coaches who recognize the harms of allowing students to compete on athletic teams that do not match their sex.
-Parents who are concerned about protecting the safety of students and passionate about maintaining opportunities for female students to compete.

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  1. There is a profound difference between male and female that would make it unfair to play on the same team.

  2. The kids should play sports with their birth sex. It is not fare to the girls and I can’t see them in the same locker as the opposite sex.

  3. Differences in athletic ability is huge and so when applying some good old fashion common sense, it’s clear to require a student to play on the team that matches their birth certificate.

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