Press Release on HB 1107 (GNDA)

2016radar_icons_marriageExecutive Director of FHA Action, Dale Bartscher, announced today that the South Dakota House of Representatives’ State Affairs Committee had overwhelmingly passed House Bill 1107 known as the Government Non-Discrimination Act (GNDA) on February 3, 2016.

Sponsored by Rep. Scott Craig, the bill provides landmark common sense protection for faith-based organizations, companies and individuals from discriminatory government repercussions such as the revocation of the tax exempt status of an organization or the imposition of fines or penalties on an individual in the free exercise of religious beliefs or moral convictions.

FHA Action strongly supports this bill as a reaffirmation of our Constitutional right to freedom of religion in our daily lives, our businesses, our churches and faith-based organizations without fear of coercion, harassment or prosecution by an increasingly obtrusive government.

The bill will now be scheduled for consideration on the House floor within a few days.

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2016 Legislative Session Day 10

2016day10aOnce again it’s an early morning at the Capitol and all is well…for the time being 🙂  As promised yesterday I’d like to introduce to you this week’s FHA Action Intern.  His name is Joseph Shivley and he’s an 18 year old young man with the heart of a Patriot.  He lives in Hot Springs, SD, and is currently a Home Schooled Senior in High School.  Joseph is also a member of the coveted TeenPact of South Dakota.  We thank this young man for his willingness to learn more about the Legislative process and also serve FHA Action during this week of his life.

2016day10bToday we were surprised by the appearance of Pastor Michael Boyle.   Pastor Boyle serves the Memorial Baptist Church in Parkston, SD.  He is a friend of the Family Heritage Alliance and a Patriot Pastor.  Today he drove over 3 hours just to come to the Capitol, lead the Senate in their opening prayer and spend time with his Legislators and more.  He totally lives the words of the late, great Chuck Colson who, when speaking to Pastors said and I quote, “As leaders in the local church it is our responsibility to bring a moral dimension to public life.”  Pastor Boyle SHOWS UP at FHA events and is already registered to attend our SD Ministry Leaders’ Capitol Summit scheduled for Monday, Feb. 22.  Pastors and Ministry leaders why not come join Pastor Boyle and I here at the Capitol on Feb. 22 🙂

It was great spending time with FHA Board Chair Roger Gallimore at the Capitol today.  Roger, also serves as the Director of Rapid City YMCA and was here representing the YMCA’s of South Dakota.

2016day10cLastly, and most importantly, House Bill 1107, which is now called GNDA – is the Government Non Discrimination Act and will soon be heard in the House State Affairs Committee.    In essence GNDA says that states should not be in the business of forcing individuals and entities to affirm same-sex marriage or other sexual conduct against their beliefs.  Pictured here, holding a copy of the Jacketed Bill, is the Bill’s Prime Sponsor Representative Scott Craig and myself.   Senator Brock Greenfield will sponsor HB1107 in the Senate.  So stay turned as we’ll need your help in the passage of HB1107.

Until NEXT TIME please keep looking up and forward my friends!