Press Release on HB 1112

2016radar_icons_educationDale Bartscher, Executive Director of FHA Action, announced today that the South Dakota House of Representatives’ State Affairs Committee had overwhelmingly passed House Bill 1112, a bill to limit the authority of the South Dakota High School Athletics Association (SDHSAA) to adopt a transgender student policy.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Roger Hunt, voids the controversial policy adopted and amended by the South Dakota High School Athletics Association in 2014 and 2015 and declares that it may not adopt any future transgender policy without the consent of the Legislature.

FHA Action strongly supports this bill as it properly acknowledges the authority and responsibility of the Legislature to set policy on such an important and far-reaching issue. Consequences, though unintended, such as the safety of female sports participants that are most commonly smaller than males and therefore may be more easily injured in competition or the issue of locker room privacy, rightfully should be considered by the Legislature, not a board of directors that is unaccountable to citizens whose children are directly affected.

The bill will now be scheduled for consideration on the House floor within a few days.

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