New Faces – Great Places

The Christmas trees are gone from the Capitol Building. There are new names over the office doors and on some legislator’s desk tops. Your Family Heritage Alliance Action lobbying team is on the ground in Pierre. It must be January.

As we return to the Capitol, it is impossible to enter without a profound awe for the magnificent structure and the quality of the people that we have elected to serve here and their willingness to accept this responsibility.

We now have heard the Governor’s State of the State message, the Chief Justice’s State of the Judiciary message and the State of the Tribes message. It must be the end of the first week of the 94th Legislative Session.

It was a week for making new relationships with the new legislators and renewing ones with returning legislators, meeting and conferring with like-minded allies, and watching as bills are “dropped,” read and assigned to committees for consideration, for debate and determination if they will advance to a chamber floor for debate and decision.

Norman and I have already begun poring over the bills already filed and visited with legislators busy in the process of drafting a bill and securing the support of their colleagues.

We, in fact, have already determined that we will support HB1040, a bill that was passed by both houses of the legislature last year only to be vetoed by Governor Daugaard. It would level the playing field for homeschool students to qualify for South Dakota Opportunity Scholarships.

There were 591 bills and resolutions filed last session. There are only 88 bills and resolutions filed at this writing. So there is much more we will share with you in the weeks to come. Please the Legislative Radar to stay informed and engaged in the public square where the laws we must live by are made.

Norman and I will stay here in Pierre to advance and defend the values we hold dear for you.

Keynotes from The Sound of Music

I sat down to watch the classic movie “The Sound of Music” this past Sunday evening. I had seen it several times before, but I watched it with renewed interest. There was something deeper and more meaningful this time as I was drawn into the significance of the story.
The music was incredible, of course, but what impressed me and made the movie so moving, tender and powerful were several things:
LOVE: The expression of unselfish sacrificial love, respect and devotion throughout the film was in the spirit of the Christmas season. Love is what turned the hearts of the children from their mischievous ways. Maria and Capt. Von Trapp’s relationship was one of respect, purity, love and devotion.
GOD’S CALL: Maria’s Reverend Mother in the movie so beautifully stated that God has given each of us a calling in our life and dreams to fulfill. I believe that calling is different for each of us, but it has the same purpose and that is to bring God glory, which in turn produces peace and contentment.
FAITH AND ACTION: Opportunity for fear, retreat and defeat presented itself throughout the movie, but faith and determination was put into action to help overcome. We all have the assurance that we don’t have to face our challenges alone.
PATRIOTISM: Capt. Von Trapp’s love and devotion for his home county of Austria was inspiring. The movie doesn’t give us any detail about his service to his country but only speaks of his retirement. He is an example of why we need patriots in service to our state and country. His country’s situation is an example to us in our state of South Dakota and in America; could something like this happen to us? The movie suggests an element of complacency and lack of understanding in judging the times they lived in. We must all be proactive in electing people who will stand up for righteousness to preserve our freedoms.
TEAM WORK: We need each other to accomplish the goals that God has given us. The Von Trapp family couldn’t have escaped their uncertain future without the help of their dear friend and the sisters in the convent!
There are many parallels in “The Sound of Music” and the goals we have at Family Heritage Alliance. It is our desire to support the family; loving our children and honoring marriage between one man and one woman; a state where God is honored and families flourish. It is FHA’s calling.

There is no shortage of opportunities to put our faith into action. Each session bills are introduced in the state legislature which gives all of us opportunity to act. Many of the bills are not favorable to faith, family and freedom, but we won’t give in. We will take a stand for righteousness, and we will keep you informed.

We at Family Heritage Alliance also rely on teamwork. We live in uncertain times in that our values of faith, family and freedom are constantly being challenged. We are grateful that we live in one of the most conservative states in America. We must do all we can to protect and promote what God has established. Teamwork may take the form of a call to action, prayer and of course financial resources.

Thank you for your past support. We couldn’t do it without you. We know that’s an overused statement but it’s so true. FHA is your voice and your ally in our state legislature and in other areas of government. Would you prayerfully consider a generous gift that will allow us to put your faith and FHA’s faith into action? Both Family Heritage Alliance and FHA Action (our C4 site) need $20,000 to meet our goals. The legislative session will begin early January. WE NEED YOU!
Please pray and ask the Lord what He would like you to give. We would be very grateful for a year end gift. Also, would you consider adding a monthly gift to your budget? Your gift is an investment for you, your children, your grandchildren and the generations to come. You and I have the potential to shape history for God’s glory!

Gifts can be made using the buttons below,
or if you wish to mail your gift, they can be sent to:
P.O. Box 329 in Rapid City, SD 57709 or P.O. Box 87897 in Sioux Falls, SD 57109


-LaVonne Fosness

I can Help! Click Here to donate to FHA Action
I can Help! Click Here to donate to Family Heritage Alliance


I call it Anticipation Month.

The children and grandchildren anticipate Santa’s visit.

At Family Heritage Alliance we anticipate the joy of commemorating the birth of Our Savior Jesus Christ and the gathering of family and friends.

Just beyond Christmas we anticipate the arrival of the new year and the inauguration of a new Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Constitutional Officers, Legislators and the beginning of the 2019 Legislative Session on January 8th.

We anticipate forging a positive relationship with our new Governor and her administration and the newly elected Legislators as well as renewing relationships with returning Legislators.

Last week, Executive Director Norman Woods shared with you a partial list of the legislation we anticipate will be considered in the upcoming session. They include Assisted Suicide, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, Homeschool Education, Free Speech, Alienation of Affection, Sports Betting and more.

We anticipate a very busy schedule that will demand our full time active presence in Pierre and we need your financial help to make it happen.

Our annual Stand Banquets provided a much-needed financial boost, but we fell short of what we need, especially with regard to FHA Action, non-tax-deductible funds. In order to have a successful Legislative Session in 2019, we need $20,000 in FHA Action funds before January 31st. We urgently need your help to meet that goal!

We have also set a goal of raising $20,000 in 501(c)(3), tax-deductible funds before January 31st. These dollars will continue to equip our staff in networking, alliance building, CIT engagement, public education, and many other areas.

We anticipate that God, working through you, our loyal contributors, will help us meet these goals.

-Ed Randazzo

I Can Help!

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I Can Help!

Click Here to donate to Family Heritage Alliance!

We Need Your Help in 2019!

As 2018 draws to a close and our minds turn to homemade cookies and Christmas carols, I wanted to take a moment give you an update on FHA as well as explain our current goals. Since the Stand Banquets in September, we’ve had several irons in the fire. There have been several major successes in building the CIT Team network as more churches catch the vision and want to influence their culture, namely within the realm of public policy. Through those networks and other connections we’ve been active at the Rapid City School Board, voicing our opposition to their addition of problematic language into the policies of Western Dakota Tech. After the November election we began actively preparing for the upcoming legislative session which is shaping up to be a whirlwind! We have two Legislative briefings coming up, which will be a time for us to really take a deep dive with legislative allies and organizational allies into what we can expect to see this session. We are already aware of several issues that we expect to see this session:

Assisted Suicide: In the last election cycle, the proponents of a practice called “Physician Assisted Suicide” were unable to get the number of signatures needed to place the issue on the 2018 ballot. Because of this failure to reach the ballot, we expect to see a piece of legislation allowing this practice to be presented during the 2019 session.

SOGI: If you have seen any of our recent articles discussing the blue and white billboards that are popping up in South Dakota, you know that Colorado money is wanting to add Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity to our statutory protected classes list. Our prediction is that a ballot measure in the coming years is the most probable avenue they will take, but a legislative attempt is still a real possibility.

Alienation of Affection: There has been a lot of discussion lately in the news media about the Alienation of Affection statute in South Dakota. This statute essentially allows someone to file suit against another person who allegedly broke up your marriage and alienated you from the affection of your spouse. Some claim this statute treats people as property, while others speak to the legal weight and importance the language gives to the institution of marriage.

These are only 3 of 12 bills that we are already expecting to see this legislative session, and we need your help! The Stand Banquets in September gave us a much-needed financial boost, but we fell short of what we need, especially with regard to FHA Action, non-tax-deductible funds. Because of this, we have set a goal of raising $20,000 in FHA Action funds before January 31st. In order to have a successful Legislative Session in 2019, we need your help!

We have also set a goal of raising $20,000 in 501(c)(3), tax-deductible funds before January 31st. These dollars will continue to equip our staff in networking, alliance building, CIT engagement, public education, and many other areas. Would you consider Family Heritage Alliance in your Year-End giving?

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I Can Help!

Click Here to give a year-end gift and help us reach our goal of $20,000!

CWA Encourage-A-Legislator Campaign

Dear CWA Friends,
It is time to recruit “encouragers” for our Encourage-A-Legislator Campaign for the 2019 South Dakota Legislative Session. This is our 20th year of Encourage-A-Legislator! Some of you have been dedicated encouragers with us from the very beginning and we appreciate your faithfulness.
We live in challenging times. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that much prayer is needed to restrain the enemy’s assault on our culture.
Will you commit to adopting a legislator and praying for him or her daily during the session beginning in January? Each week you will send your assigned legislator a CWA-provided postcard pre-printed with a Scripture verse or inspirational quote. Simply express appreciation for the legislator’s service and note your prayers for him. Finally, add a postcard stamp and mail the card on a specified date.
Many legislators responded to your prayers and encouraging postcards last year with words of appreciation. Your efforts encourage and build bridges with the conservative legislators as well as those who do not typically agree with CWA. Your benefit as an “encourager” is that you are energized and blessed to be a part of this effort.
If you wish to participate in our Encourage-A-Legislator Campaign this year, please email Linda Schauer at to note your commitment and provide your physical address. You will receive your postcards and instructions just prior to the opening of the 2019 South Dakota Legislative Session early in January.

God bless you for your faithfulness in prayer and action.
Linda Schauer
State Director

Join the CWA Mailing List!

Ministry Leaders Capitol Summit

It’s that time of year again! Every year we invite Pastors, Priests and ministry leaders the State Capitol for a day of networking and inspiration.

Bus transportation is available from Rapid City and Sioux Falls.

The day starts at 9:00am (CST) in the Capitol rotunda with a light breakfast and coffee, then a brief presentation. We update everyone on the recent happenings at the capitol, introduce them to our family-value allies, and give them an explanation on the layout of the building.

After the presentation everyone is free to explore the capitol, pray with their elected leaders, or take a tour led by FHA Interns (or do all three!). After a picture on the capitol steps, everyone leaves the capitol and goes to Community Bible Church in Pierre for lunch.

This year our keynote speaker is Kenyn Cureton, Family Research Council’s Vice President for Church Ministries! Kenyn will share his heart as to why we as Christians are called to influence every aspect of our culture with Christ’s morals. Then at 2:30, we explain the many resources we have brought with us on the resource table, and you’re off! Home in time for supper.

When: February 6, 9am to 2:30pm

Where: Capitol Rotunda

Who: Pastors, Priests & Para-Church Ministry Leaders.

New for 2018: Every attendee is welcomed to invite a youth member from their church to shadow them for the day! Take a young person with you who you believe will appreciate a hands-on experience at the Capitol!

Click here to register for the bus from Sioux Falls

Click here to register for the bus from Rapid City

Click here to register, providing your own transportation

FHA Action Wraps Up Successful Legislative Preview Tour

previewtourcolFHA Action’s legislative preview tour began January 12 in Rapid City where 140 came out to eat chili and listen to an overview of the issues facing South Dakota’s 91st Legislative Session.  Thanks to all who made chili.  The chili went over well and it was a huge boost to FHA financially!  Also, at the Rapid City event, we were honored to have our Mayor, Steve Allender, in attendance and on the stage for a quick “State of the City” address.

The FHA Action team left Rapid City for an evening dessert reception in Mitchell.  We had 20 in attendance at that event.

From there, our hearty travelers moved on to Sioux Falls for a luncheon there on January 13.  In Sioux Falls, the team found 60 in attendance.

As always, Dale and Norman (our lobbying “A” team) did a great job, enthusiastically lining out some of the many issues we face as the 2016 legislative session gets underway in Pierre.

Thanks to Craig Ericks, Amy Wagner, and our newest staff member, Ed Randazzo who joined the travelers on their journey.  Many of the pictures of this event came from Ed’s camera.  Thanks for that Ed.  We so appreciate our host churches:  RC – Bethel Assembly of God; Mitchell – Mitchell Wesleyan Church; and SF – Church at the Gate.  We so value the partnerships we have with so many amazing congregations across the state.  Also, thanks to our volunteers, our interns, and Amy Willson and LaVonne Fosness who always keep these projects on track.

Click here for all the pics from the event on our Facebook post.