The Family Heritage Alliance Voter Guide is Complete!

voterguide news2The Voter Guide team over at Family Heritage Alliance, made up of FHA staff and volunteers, has been hard at it for the last several weeks producing our first statewide voter guide. The printing is done and the brand new website is up and fully functional. We are pleased to announce the official launch of the SD 2016 Legislative Primary Voter guide. This guide is a resource to help you cast an informed vote on or before June 7. This non-partisan publication is intended for educational purposes only and is not intended to influence a particular election or any particular legislation. It provides candidates’ positions on issues so that you can decide which candidates accurately represent your values. Candidates were asked to respond with a Support or Oppose vote for each of the issues on this guide. Uniform effort was given to contacting every candidate listed in this voter guide. Some candidates chose not to respond, others were unreachable. We urge you to call candidates who did not respond or visit their websites to find out where they are on the issues.

The entire project was designed around compliance with the IRS 501(c)(3) code for nonprofit tax-exempt organizations. Churches and other nonprofit organizations may distribute nonpartisan, unbiased, voter-education materials without jeopardizing their tax-exempt status. The printed publications have been reviewed by outside attorneys to ensure that they comply with the rules for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations.

The printed pieces are summaries of the overall data collected, omitting (for the sake of space) the comments from the candidates. The comments are included in the online guide. To make the guides a little easier to read, we broke the state up into four quadrants that factored in the geography of the state as well as including roughly the same number of candidates in each of the four guides. You can download printable pdf’s of the guides here on our new website.

pptslide_dakotavoterSpeaking of which, the new site has a very user friendly layout that makes it easy for you to locate the candidates in your district. The site is designed around ease of use for both desktop and mobile users. The site will reformat itself when visited by a mobile user and in that mode, will function much like a mobile app. Click here for the Dakota Voter homepage.

To the entire team, especially the volunteers who tirelessly worked long hours, calling candidates, and proofing data, we extend our appreciation. We are very pleased with the outcome.

We still have some of the printed guides on hand. If you would be interested in a packet of guides for distribution, please contact us at 605-718-5433.

Get informed! Vote your values.

2016 Legislative Scorecard Available Now!

2016 scorecard v1.4-1The 2016 legislative session was a hard one for faith, family, and freedom.  When it comes to the folks you sent to Pierre to represent your values, there were many who stood with FHA Action regardless of the cost.  To those brave souls, we extend our sincerest appreciation.  The big question is, was your legislative delegation to Pierre supportive of your values?

That’s a good question.  After crunching the numbers on this 91st Legislative Session, we thought it would be useful to you, to have in hand some real stats regarding the way your legislators voted on values.  We have prepared a concise scorecard that shows exactly that.  Use the link below to download the scorecard.  You are free to redistribute the document any way you desire.  We simply ask that you do not modify it in any way.

Click here to download your copy.

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Family Research Council Praises House Passage of Conscience Protection Act


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