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About FHA Action

Here at FHA Action, our vision is to see South Dakota become a state where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive & life is cherished.

We do this by working to stop harmful policy decisions &

equipping elected officials to enact strong policy.

Our efforts include:

-Holding events to energize the grassroots

-Lobbying at the State Capitol to advocate to family values &

-Providing election resources to help inform voters

Our goal is to protect family values in South Dakota. Our work includes advocacy for:

-Religious Liberty

-Parental Rights

-The Sanctity of Life

-Educational Opportunity

-Free Speech

-And more!

Latest News

FHA Defending School Choice Options

FHA Defending School Choice Options

As schools throughout the country continue to be corrupted by progressive ideology and activist teaching, it’s more important than ever that students have as many educational options as possible. Where a child attends school can drastically change their life and...

South Dakota Must Save Women’s Sports

South Dakota Must Save Women’s Sports

The issue of fairness in women’s sports had already been a hot topic of discussion before the story about “Lia” Thomas at UPenn broke. Thomas, a biological male, spent three seasons on the men’s swim team, but is now competing on the University of Pennsylvania's...

Why the Commercial Surrogacy Issue Matters

Why the Commercial Surrogacy Issue Matters

Over the past several years, the number of pregnancies via surrogacy has grown rapidly. After recent legislative discussions, it has become a prevalent topic of debate in South Dakota. Natural law and statistics show us, however, that allowing commercial surrogacy in...

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