These are the actions we are working on during the 2024 Legislative Session.


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2024 Session


SB72 An act to increase the dollar amount allowed for the Partners in Education scholarship fund.
HB1002 An act to replace the smarter balance test with the ACT test for 11th grade
HB1250 An act to establish education empowerment accounts for school choice in South Dakota
HB1178 An act to prohibit any facility under the authority of the Board of Regents from hosting obscene live conduct


HB1081 An act to enable Medicaid reimbursement for doula services
(Tabled at the request of the prime sponsor.)
SB216 An act to allow for chemical castration of minors if a parent gives consent
HB1207 An act to place healthcare sharing ministries under the authority of the Division of Insurance and require certain reporting


HB1154 An act to prohibit marriage under the age of 18

An act to require that pornographic websites implement a system to verify the age of the user, and not allow children to access the website

HB1254 An act to repeal no-fault divorce

Judicial System

SB109 An act to repeal the use of the death penalty
HB1155 An act to add subjectively defined protected classes to the anti-discrimination laws
HB1244 An act to allow for a person to remove their signature from a petition if they were given false information
HB1204 An act to define non-consensual condom removal and categorize non-consensual pregnancy as an injury


HCR6008 A resolution expressing the legislature’s opposition to the constitutional amendment on abortion
SB178 An act to allow for abortion in the first 22 weeks of pregnancy, or after 22 weeks in the case of an emergency.
(Withdrawn at the request of the prime sponsor)
HB1224 An act to require the Dept. of Health to create a video to explain why treatment for things like ectopic pregnancies does not constitute an abortion
SB210 An act to allow for abortion and repeal the current laws regulating abortion



An act to increase the bet limit and potential win limit on video lottery machines

(Tabled at the request of the prime sponsor)


An act to allow local regulation of video lottery

(Withdrawn at the request of the prime sponsor)



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