These are the actions we are working on during the 2023 Legislative Session.


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2023 Session


FHA Approve

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HB1080 An act to prohibit chemical castration and cosmetic genital surgery on minors


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HB1092 An act to remove “man” and “woman” from the definition of marriage
FHA Oppose

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HB1223 An act to authorize informed consent to certain procedures and medication by a pregnant minor
FHA Oppose

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HB1225 An act to clarify informed consent requirements for the provision of prenatal and postnatal care to minors


FHA OpposeFHA Green Flag
SB117 An act to increase the bet amount and win limit on video lottery machines
FHA ApproveFHA Red Flag HB1157 HB1157 – An act to require that dollars be spent on explaining the negative effects of gambling and gambling addictions
FHA OpposeFHA Green Flag HJR5006 A resolution to place on the 2024 ballot the question of mobile sports betting
FHA OpposeFHA Green Flag SB209 An act to allow for sports betting kiosks in certain establishments



FHA OpposeFHA Green Flag

SB57 An act to restrict certain students from participating in extra-curricular activities 
FHA Approve FHA Red Flag SB193 An act to require that school districts have policies to allow for parental review of curriculum, and board review of inappropriate content
FHA Approve FHA Red Flag HB1233 An act to allow for the option of virtual school for students

FHA OpposeFHA Green Flag


An act to allow for schools to administer surveys without parental consent


FHA ApproveFHA Green Flag

SCR602 A resolution to affirm the legislature’s support of the Dobbs v. Jackson Supreme Court ruling Bill 
FHA Approve SB75 An act clarify that child-support responsibilities begin at conception
FHA OpposeFHA Green Flag HB1169 An act to expand the abortion “exceptions” to include risk of bodily impairment
FHA Approve HB1220 An act to clarify that the doctor, not the mother, be penalized for an illegal abortion

Community Standards

FHA ApproveFHA Red Flag

HB1116 An act to prohibit state entities, agencies, or institutions from hosting “drag queen shows”
Radar Watch HB1125 An act to include “drag performances” in the definition of material that is “harmful to minors”
FHA ApproveFHA Red Flag HB1163 An act to require that public libraries adopt a policy that ensures minors do not have access to explicit books


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