This week at Family Voice, we’re giving thanks for the incredible progress and success we’ve witnessed over the past year in South Dakota. We know none of our organization’s accomplishments would be possible without both your support and God’s hand on our ministry, and we’re incredibly grateful for both.

This year’s success by the numbers:

ONE – Legislative scorecard compiled

TWO – Legislative interns hosted at the capitol

TWO – Local voter guides produced

FOUR – Helpful bills we worked to pass

TEN – Harmful bills we worked to stop

ELEVEN  – Community events hosted

FORTY SEVEN – blogs written

SEVENTY – Educational videos produced

164,000+ – emails sent

We are also grateful for the success of our Stand Dinners this year, and we appreciate our friends from across the state joining us and spreading the word about this important event. Stand East was the largest dinner we’ve ever hosted, and we hope to see continued growth in the years to come!

None of our work would be possible without our incredible team members, who we are immensely grateful for: Debbie, for her tireless commitment to researching policy and working with legislators; LaVonne, for her desire to connect with friends and build momentum behind the mission of protecting families; Lana, for her attention to detail and her ability to keep our systems running smoothly.

Lastly, we are thankful for all the principled leaders in South Dakota’s legislature who stood up to protect minors from chemical castration and mutilating surgery, who refused to erode parental rights when dangerous legislation came in from of them, who held the line and maintained a definition of marriage that aligns with natural law and what we know to be true. Our state would be much worse off if not for their dedication to conservative principles, and we are grateful for each and every one of them.

We hope you and your families have a wonderful Thanksgiving!