Every year FHA Action produces a Legislative Scorecard to highlight which legislators stood up for family values and which ones did not. You can find that scorecard here, but today we give a shout-out to the legislators who voted 100% on the family-values issues.

This Legislative Session there were over 550 bills submitted, and the FHA Action Scorecard highlights which bills would be especially beneficial (or harmful) to South Dakota families. The following Legislators took a bold stand to protect the family this year:



D2 – Rep. Kaleb Wies
D3 – Rep. Drew Dennert
D4 – Rep. Fred Deutsch
D4 – Rep. John Mills
D8 – Rep. Randy Gross
D8 – Rep. Marli Wiese
D9 – Rep. Rhonda Milstead
D9 – Rep. Bethany Soye
D10 – Rep. Steven Haugaard
D10 – Sen. Maggie Sutton
D11 – Rep. Chris Karr
D13 – Rep. Sue Peterson
D19 – Rep. Marty Overweg
D20 – Sen. Josh Klumb
D25 – Rep. Jon Hansen
D25 – Rep. Tom Pischke
D27 – Rep. Liz May
D28B – Rep. Sam Marty
D30 – Rep. Trish Ladner
D33 – Rep. Taffy Howard
D33 – Rep. Phil Jensen
D35 – Rep. Tina Mulally
D35 – Rep. Tony Randolph

You can find the entire scorecard here. 


Note: Due to the recent redistricting, the legislators listed above may represent different districts in the upcoming election. The district listed above reflects their district during the 2022 Legislative Session.