It took less than 48 hours for the media to uncover the horrifying truth of new Speaker of the House Mike Johnson – that he is a devoted Christian not just in name, but in practice – and attempt to villainize him for his upstanding values. Try as they might, those attempts are falling short. As Matt Walsh put it, “Nothing makes a person look better than when the media tries to make them look bad.” There are no skeletons in Mike Johnson’s closet, so the media has resorted to spinning the truth.

The attacks began with baseless accusations such as Johnson being a “sinister creep,” “religious fanatic,” and “Christian nationalist.” Bill Maher compared him to the mass shooter in Maine. Others warned his Speakership turned America into a theocracy. One of the more flattering comments noted he was a “social conservative’s conservative.”

One “reporter” seemed dumbfounded by the very idea that Johnson and his wife, Kelly, believe in the absolute truth of the Bible:

“The Johnsons are diehard fundamentalists who believe every religion other than their brand of Christianity is false and that whatever is written in the Bible should dictate all conduct, rules, policies, and laws. As I reported earlier, Mike Johnson in 2016 exclaimed, ‘We’re living in a completely amoral society.’ The only way out, according to him and Kelly, is to abide by the Bible.”

Mike and Kelly’s views are fundamentally correct. All truth is absolute. There cannot be a god and no god at the same time – only one of those options is true, and the other one is false. Two contradictory truths cannot coexist. The lies of relativism have enveloped society so entirely that the idea of one overarching truth is preposterous to the woke crowd. But this comes as no surprise.

The Left has been distorting reality for years through the transgender movement (trying to convince the public that biology is irrelevant and men can be women), the abortion debate (that babies inside the womb aren’t human beings), and even topics like gay marriage (that same-sex attraction is a predisposed, natural phenomenon and has nothing to do with upbringing). It was just a matter of time until relativism took over the popular mindset.

After the media got over the shock of Johnson’s “fundamentalist” beliefs, they turned their eyes toward his efforts to protect his son and himself from online pornography. The scandalous headline from Rolling Stones reads: “Mike Johnson Admits He and His Son Monitor Each Other’s Porn Intake in Resurfaced Video.” The careful usage of the word “admits” – which implies wrongdoing – and “porn intake” – which implies some level of porn consumption – along with the somewhat nefarious usage of “resurfaced video” makes this headline a peak example of the Left distorting the truth. Another headline reads: “Mike Johnson Admits His Son Monitors His Porn Viewing.”

Needless to say, these headlines are extremely misleading. In the “resurfaced video” Johnson explains that he and his son use Covenant Eyes, a program familiar to countless Christians, to keep each other accountable for their online activity. There’s nothing “perverse” – as the media is trying to claim – about a father and son helping one another steer clear of pornography, which we know is extremely harmful.

Further, if these news sources spent any time looking into the Covenant Eyes program, they would realize any objectionable content sent in a report to your accountability partner is blurred out. Thus, even if someone was viewing graphic content, their accountability partner would not be exposed to it. So, no, Mike Johnson is not “sharing porn with his son,” as the tabloids have claimed. He’s doing the exact opposite.

It is refreshing that in the media’s fervor to uncover some hideous secret, they have found nothing but affirmation that Mike Johnson is exactly who he says he is. He lives out his faith day in and day out, and has for decades. This is a man we can trust to remain committed to his values despite pressure from the media and fellow legislators to cave. He has proved time and time again that his commitment to God is stronger than his commitment to please bureaucrats. We need more politicians who are willing to stand up for what they say they believe in.