This week a Senate committee killed a bill to protect children from pornography by requiring that explicit websites implement an age-verification system. The bill received overwhelming support in the House of Representatives, passing the chamber on a bi-partisan 62-6 vote.

HB 1257’s multifaceted approach to protecting children from harmful content while also ensuring the privacy of adult users is described in Rep. Soye’s press release. The bill:

  • Applies to any online platform that regularly works to “create, host or make available” content that South Dakota law defines as “harmful to minors.”
  • Requires the “covered platforms” to implement a system which would verify the age of the online user.
  • Requires that no personally identifiable information of adult users be saved or stored in any way.
  • Enables parents to take legal action against any “covered platform” that refuses to implement an age-verification system and continues to allow unfettered access to their child.

If you are as disappointed as we are, contact your Senator today and ask them to fix the mistake of the Senate Judiciary Committee. There is a procedural vote called a “smoke-out” that can be moved on Monday morning to force the legislation to the floor.

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