2016 Legislative Radar


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Child Protection

Protecting our children from harm, whether inside the home or outside of it, has always been important to the Family Heritage Alliance and her friends. There is much to be done when it comes to safe-guarding our children from child abuse, sexual abuse and child predators.

FHA Action Bill Number Description
HB 1008 The Student Physical Privacy Act will protect the privacy of every public school student, while being sensitive to the student who has confusion about their gender. Governor Daugaard vetoed this bill.
HB1247 An act to require that school districts and child welfare agencies adopt a policy and provide access to training on sexual abuse.

Withdrawn by Sponsor

SB168 Revising certain provisions regarding Human Trafficking.
SB169 Revise certain provisions regarding Child Pornography.

Criminal Justice

We are a nation under the rule of law. Our Pledge of Allegiance promises “justice for all”. Such is the challenge for the Family Heritage Alliance. We endeavor in our work at the capitol to ensure that the bills passed by the legislature provide justice for all.

FHA Action Bill Number Description
HB1225 An act to allow the forfeiture of assets related to a conviction of terrorism.
SB 26 Require a sex offender to report changes in residence and occupation to the Chief of Police or Sheriff in addition to their parole officer. Also to require them to notify of foreign travel.
SB 97 Allow class 2 misdemeanors to be automatically erased from public record after 10 years. (Law enforcement records would continue show the offense)


All legislation supported by the Family Heritage Alliance, regarding the education of South Dakota children, will be analyzed through a stringent filter. The proposed legislation would fail to meet our criteria if we deem the answers to one or more of six questions to be in the affirmative.

FHA Action Bill Number Description
HB 1013 Remove the requirement for alternative educators to administer a nationally standardized achievement test at 2nd grade.

If you would like to ask your legislators to support this bill, find their contact info here.

HB 1112 HB1112 seeks to void and replace the transgender policy that the SDHSAA passed last year which allows a student to play on the sports team they feel they belong on, rather than the team their birth-sex dictates.
HB1096 An act to allow parents to opt their student out of certain achievement tests.
HB1168 An act to require a parent to give written permission before their student may attend sexual education courses.
HB1209 An act to require that a state agency cannot ignore the sex of a student that is listed on their birth certificate.

Withdrawn by the Sponsor

HB1215 An act to give access to special ed. services for homeschool families.
SB 83 Protect the teaching of scientific information in our schools, whether it be from an evolutionary standpoint or a creationist standpoint.
SB102 An act to allow the sale of alcohol on the campuses of state universities.
SB129 “Jason’s Law” would require that Teachers be given a 1-hour suicide prevention training as a part of their periodic re-certification.
SB159 To provide financial assistance for low-income families to send their kids to a private school.


As our name implies, we are all about the family. From improving marriage relationships to raising healthy children, we want legislation to protect and defend the family

FHA Action Bill Number Description
HB1110 An Act to provide prenatal care for non-citizen mothers.
SB 54 Adopt the Elder Abuse Task Force’s recommendations to ensure the protection of South Dakota seniors.
SCR 1 A resolution to show support for family caregivers.

Gambling – Halt Expansion Of

It is often repeated in government circles: “There is no free lunch”. So what does the gambling money really cost South Dakotans in devastated families, fraud, addiction, and suicides? It is the belief of FHA Action that allowing the gambling industry to keep expanding is a bet we just can’t take.

FHA Action Bill Number Description
HB 1048 Would allow the SD Lottery Commission to increase the Video Lottery machine limit, the bet limit, and the win limit.

Health Care

FHA Action seeks to safeguard the health care system in South Dakota. Health care is a massive family issue.

FHA Action Bill Number Description
HB1067 An act to “promote quality, competition, and freedom of choice in the health insurance market place.”
This bill would essentially reverse Initiated Measure 17, passed by the voters in 2014.
SB171 An act to allow the medical use of Cannabidiol. (A Marijuana by-product.)

If you would like to ask your legislators to oppose this bill, click here.

Human Rights

Our Declaration of Independence refers clearly to our human rights in stating “…That among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” The issue of Human Rights is a multi-faceted topic including Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence, Protection of the Weak, or simply the freedom to live your life without unnecessary burdens.

FHA Action Bill Number Description
HCR1014 Calling for the United States to save Christians, Yazidis and people of other faiths from persecution and genocide
HCR1017 Commending the nation of Israel for its cordial and mutually beneficial relationship with the United States and with the State of South Dakota

Life – Sanctity of

The phrase sanctity of life refers to the idea that human life is sacred and holy, argued mainly by the pro-life side in political and moral debates over such controversial issues as abortion, contraception, euthanasia, and embryonic stem-cell research in the United States.

FHA Action Bill Number Description
HB 1123 Require inspection results of abortion clinics to be available to the public.
HB1157 An act to require that a mother be given information about reversal procedures after taking the first step in a chemical abortion.
HB1212 Revising certain requirements relating to pregnancy help centers.
SB 24 Prohibit the sale of fetal body parts.
SB 72 prohibit the abortion of an unborn child who is capable of experiencing pain and to provide a penalty therefor.


FHA Action takes very seriously the task of defending marriage as God defines it, promoting legislation that strengthens it, and opposing legislation that undermines it.

FHA Action Bill Number Description
HB 1107 ensure government nondiscrimination in matters of religious beliefs and moral convictions.

Withdrawn by Sponsor

Second Amendment

The 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides for the right of the citizens to keep and bear arms. With the ever present attempts by many to undermine this vital right, the FHA supports legislation that protects

FHA Action Bill Number Description
SJR1 Proposing an amendment to the state constitution strengthening the verbiage that protects our 2nd Amendment rights.

Legend Of Symbols

Symbol Description
radar_approve_mini Denotes bills and measures that FHA Action is supporting.
radar_oppose_mini Denotes bills and measures that FHA Action is opposing.
radar_watch_mini Denotes bills and measures that FHA Action is watching.
radar_finish_mini_win Denotes bills that have completed the legislative process with the outcome FHA Action desired.
radar_finish_mini_lose Denotes bills that have completed the legislative process with the outcome being less than FHA Action desired.

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