RAPID CITY, SD (March 31, 2022) – Today, the Family Heritage Alliance (FHA) Action released its scorecard for the 2022 Legislative Session. The FHA Action scorecard gives a snapshot of where South Dakota legislators stand on issues impacting the family. Members of the House of Representatives were scored on 14 bills, while members of the Senate were scored on 13 bills.

The scorecard can be found HERE.

Norman Woods, Director of FHA Action, outlined the importance of these scores:

“Every year, we hold lawmakers accountable to South Dakota voters by highlighting the lawmakers who stood strong for family values and those who didn’t. The purpose of our scorecard is to hold lawmakers’ feet to the fire, uncovering their voting records on cultural issues so that South Dakotans are fully informed when they go to the voting booth.“

FHA Action encourages citizens to study the scorecard and use the information in discussions with their legislators. The elected leaders who stood up for family values deserve our support.

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